Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street

In honour of that other British television institution, Coronation Street, my latest Versus blog is my own little tribute to a true legend of the small-screen. After the first episode (repeated on ITV last Monday) went out in 1960, Ken Irwin of the Daily Mirror wrote this "grim... programme is doomed." Russell T Davies however, said that Corrie is "the best writing school in the world."
Tomorrow night's live episode marks the show's 50th anniversary, and this week's explosive £1M storyline was masterminded by ex-Who producer Phil Collinson, Who director Graeme Harper, and Who SFX maestros, the Mill.
The first cast connections here are Doctor Who companion actors:
  • William Russell [real name Russell Enoch] (Rita's husband, Ted Sullivan in 1992) played Susan's science teacher, Ian Chesterton, from An Unearthly Child to The Chase
  • Frazer Hines (Roger Wain, 1965) was Jamie McCrimmon, introduced in The Highlanders, 1966, and last seen in The Two Doctors, 1985
  • Elizabeth Sladen (Anita Reynolds, 1970) has portrayed Sarah Jane Smith since The Time Warrior in 1973
  • Mary Tamm (Polly Ogden, 1973) was the first incarnation of TimeLady, Romana, in the Key to Time season of 1978/79
  • Bruno Langley (Eileen's gay son, Todd Grimshaw, 2000-07) was Adam Mitchell in Dalek, and The Long Game
  • David Brierley (the voice of K9) and John Levene (U.N.I.T. regular, Benton, from 1968) also had small roles in Corrie

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