Saturday, 9 July 2011

Doctor Who Vs. Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Based on the TV serial, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, the second Dalek movie was released in July 1966, but proved less successful than Dr Who and the Daleks.
Peter Cushing and Roberta Tovey reprised their roles of Dr. Who and Susan, and were joined by new companions, Jill Curzon as Louise and Bernard Cribbins as PC Tom Campbell (replacing Ian and Barbara in the television version). Cribbins ultimately portrayed two Who companions - he was Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred Mott (Wendy Padbury had played Zoe Heriot on TV, then was cast as Jenny in Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday in 1974).
This sequel was again written by Terry Nation, David Whitaker, and (producer) Milton Subotsky, and directed by Gordon Flemyng.
  • Kenneth Watson (Craddock) appeared opposite Patrick Troughton in Kidnapped (1956), and then in The Wheel in Space, as Bill Duggan - according to IMDB, he was to play a farmer in The Time Monster, but was replaced by George Lee
  • Eileen Way (Old Woman) was Old Mother in 100,000 BC, and Karela in The Creature from the Pit - Outside 'classic' Who she had worked in: They Who Dare (1954) with William Russell; episodes of the BBC's Sunday Night Theatre opposite Roger Delgado [both also featured in Rendevous (1957) for TV and in the John Mills film, The Singer Not the Song (1961)], with Troughton, and Anneke Wills [both had featured in The Blakes (1955) too]; and the Kenneth More film, The Comedy Man (1964) with Jacqueline Hill
  • Geoffrey Cheshire (Roboman) was the Viking Leader in The Time Meddler, Garge in Devil's Planet, and Tracy in The Invasion
  • Philip Madoc (Brockley) is a prolific guest actor
  • Robert Jewell was again a Dalek operator, and David Graham and Peter Hawkins again provided the Dalek voices
  • Roger Avon (Wells) was also Saphadin in The Crusade, and Daxtar in The Traitors episode

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