Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Doctor Who Vs. Whitechapel

ITV1's excellent dark, crime drama series Whitechapel returned for a third run last night. Now extended to six episodes (three two-parters), and again written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip, the show's cast is still headed by Rupert Penry-Jones as DI Joe Chandler. Also reprising their regular roles are these NuWho guest stars - Phil Davis (DS Miles), Steve Pemberton (Edward Buchan), Claire Rushbrook (Dr Llewellyn), and Sam Stockman (DC Kent) - the latter was the Co-Pilot in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Director of parts two and four is Richard Clark - he also helmed Gridlock, The Lazarus Experiment (both 2007), The Doctor's Wife, and Night Terrors (both 2011).
The recurring motif of Whitechapel - the recreation of historic East End crimes (again researched by Ripperologist, Buchan) - now centres on the famous Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811, and the Thames Torso mysteries of Victorian London. Previous series dramatised (with varying success) both a modern-day Jack the Ripper, and then new Kray twins.
Series 3 also features these nine other Doctor Who guest actors:
  • Christina Chong (Lizzie) played Lorna Bucket in A Good Man Goes to War
  • for Mona Hammond (Voodoo Lady) see my second Randall & Hopkirk blog
  • David Schneider (Salter) voiced Ernst Bratfisch for The Silver Turk (Big Finish, 2011)
  • Ben Smith (Wilke) was Luke in School Reunion
  • Nina Toussaint-White (Tish) was Mels in Let's Kill Hitler
  • for Paul Chequer (Merceron) see SherlockSeries 1
  • for Pip Torrens (Underwood) see The Flood blog
  • Holli Dempsey (Elsa) was Kelly in Closing Time
  • Victoria Alcock (Cindy) was Angela in Planet of the Dead

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