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Doctor Who Vs. 55 Degrees North [Revised]

I love this little cop show! Here, London detective Nicky Cole is transfered to the fictional Tyneside police force in Newcastle after exposing police corruption. The first, six-part series aired on BBC1 during July and August 2004, and season two (eight episodes) was broadcast from May to July 2005. The programme was also shown on BBC America, under it's working title, The Night Detective. Both series were released on DVD in 2006, and 55 Degrees North has since been repeated on cable channels.
Series regulars with Doctor Who links are:
  • Don Gilet (DS Cole, pictured left) played Donna Noble's fiance, Lance Bennett in The Runaway Bride
  • Dervla Kirwan (Claire Maxwell, pictured right) was Mercy Hartigan in The Next Doctor
  • Andrew Dunn (Sgt. Astell) voiced Max for Scream of the Shalka
  • Darren Morfitt (DS Yates) was Brother Marco in 2010's Weeping Angels two-part adventure
  • Jacqueline King (Georgia) was Donna's mum, Sylvia Noble, until The End of Time
  • Christian Rodska (DI Carter, S1) voiced both the Reverand Small for Hornets Nest: The Dead Shoes (AudioGo, 2011), and Laan Carder in Faith Stealer (Big Finish, 2004)
  • Claire Calbraith (Beth, S2) voiced Maria for Son of the Dragon, and a Trooper for Exotron: Urban Myths (BF, both 2007)
  • Brian Protheroe (Wren, S2) voiced Bob Gell for the forthcoming Eldrad Must Die! (BF, 2013)
  • series one producer Jo Wright was the BBC executive producer on the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie
Twenty-five further cast and crew connections are:
  • Paul Anthony-Barber (Pathologist, 1.3) played Dr. Kendrick in Rise of the Cybermen, and voiced Ludovic Comfort in The Magic Mousetrap (BF, 2009)
  • Peter Symonds (Judge, 1.3) was a Soldier in Terror of the Zygons
  • Paul Clayton (Bellows, 2.4) was Mr Bartle in Planet of the Ood, and was the voice of Ulysees Meregrass forThe Infinite Quest
  • Phil Cornwell (DI Simpkins, 2.5) was a Stallholder in The Fires of Pompeii
  • Rod Arthur (Frater, 2.6) was Mr Parsons in School Reunion
  • Karl Collins (Adam, 2.7/8) was Donna's next fiance, Shaun Temple also in The End of Time
  • Yasmin Bannerman (Jade, 2.7/8) was Jabe in The End of the World, and voiced Pandora in The Bride of Peladon (BF, 2008)
  • Holly De Jong (Helen, 1.3) voiced Amelia Doory in Project Twilight (BF, 2001)
  • Rita Davies (Harriet, 1.5) voiced Janneus for Primeval (BF, 2001), and Tashek for the I, Davros series (BF, 2006)
  • Levan Doran was also a stunt performer on Tooth and Claw
  • both Valentino Musetti (a Saracen Warrior in The Crusade, and eight other uncredited roles on the 'classic' series) and Trevor Steedman (a Seabase Guard in Warriors of the Deep) were stuntmen here
  • Glenna Morrison (Tiffany, 1.2) voiced Mary Patterson for Medicinal Purposes (BF, 2004)
  • Kim McGarrity was also a stunt performer on The Empty Child two-parter, Boom Town, The Christmas Invasion, and New Earth 
  • Paul Kulik was a stuntman on Rose too
  • stuntman Bill Davey was a stunt co-ordinator on The Satan Pit two-parter, Love & Monsters, and Turn Left
  • Glenn Marks was also a stunt co-ordinator on The Family of Blood two-parter, and Blink
  • both Neil Finninghan and Derek Lea were stunt performers on Dalek - Lea also worked on the Series 1 finale of NuWho, The Age of Steel, and Partners in Crime
  • stuntman Tom Lucy was the stunt co-ordinator on 16 Doctor Who episodes from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor
  • James O'Donnell was stunt performer (James O'Dee) on all four Cybermen episodes of 2006
  • Steve Whyment (an extra in The Keeper of Traken and Snakedance), and Paul Herbert (a stuntman on The End of Time), were both stunt co-ordinators here
  • Rod Woodruff was also a stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three 
  • Michael Cuckson (John, 1.1) voiced Captain Callany for Cryptobiosis (BF, 2006) and Cord for Singularity (BF, 2005)

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