Sunday, 17 March 2013

Doctor Who Vs. Bleak House (1985)

The BBC's second adaptation of Charles Dickens' Bleak House for television was first broadcast in April and May, 1985.
The cast for this eight-part series was led by Denholm Elliott, and featured Gerald Flood (as the Coroner) and twenty-three other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Dame Diana Rigg (Lady Dedlock) had found global fame as Emma Peel in The Avengers (1965-68), and Mrs. James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) and played Winifred Gillyflower in The Crimson Horror opposite her daughter, Rachael Stirling
  • Sylvia Coleridge (Miss Flite) was Amelia Ducat in The Seeds of Doom
  • Sam Kelly (Snagsby) voiced Eugene Tacitus for The Holy Terror (Big Finish, 2000), and Acheron in Return to the Web Planet (2007)
  • TP McKenna (Skimpole) was Captain Cook in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 
  • Malcolm Terris (Chadband) and Graham Crowden (Chancellor) both appeared in The Horns of Nimon, as the Co-Pilot and Soldeed - the latter was also Etnin in The Dominators
  • Frank Windsor (Grindley) and Ian Hogg (Bucket) were both in Ghost Light, as Inspector Mackenzie and Josiah Samuel Smith respectively - the former was also in The King's Demons as Sir Ranulf Fitzwilliam
  • Comedy actress Kathy Burke (Guster) was a Lazar in Terminus
  • Arthur Hewlett (Waggoner) was Kalmar in State of Decay and Kimber in Terror of the Vervoids
  • Cathy Murphy (Maid) was Mum in The Christmas Invasion
  • George Sewell (Rouncewell) was Ratcliffe in Remembrance of the Daleks
  • James Snell (Barrister) was Harry in The Daemons
  • Donald Sumpter (Nemo) was Enrico Casali in The Wheel in Space, Commander Ridgeway in The Sea Devils, and Erasmus Darkening in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Eternity Trap
  • Fiona Walker (Miss Barbary) was Kala in The Keys of Marinus, and Lady Peinforte in Silver Nemesis
  • Harry Fielder (Gent), a veteran of  fifteen 'classic' series appearances, was a Guard (in serials PP, ZZZ, 4L, 4P, 5A, 5F, 5Z), a Crewman (SS, 4T), a Vogan (4D), an Assassin (4Q), a Tigellan (5Q), and a Krarg in Shada 
  • Seymour Green (Parson) was Hargreaves in The Seeds of Doom, and the Chamberlain in The Twin Dilemma
  • Anne Reid (Mrs. Bagnet here; and Miss Rouncewell in the 2005 version) was Nurse Crane in The Curse of Fenric, and Florence Finnegan in Smith and Jones
  • Colin Jeavons (Vholes here; and Carstone in the 1959 version) was Damon in The Underwater Menace
  • Geoffrey Burgon was also the composer on Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom
  • cinematographer Kenneth MacMillan was a camera operator on Planet of Evil
  • Dave King was film editor on The Mutants too
  • Jeremy Silbertson was also production manager on The King's Demons and The Five Doctors
  • Mickey Edwards was VFX designer on Four to Doomsday too

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