Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Doctor Who Vs. A Night To Remember

This British cinematic adaptation of Walter Lord's best-selling book, A Night to Remember (Holt, 1955) was released by Rank in 1958, and recounts the final night on board RMS Titanic. The film was directed by Roy Ward Baker, and producer William MacQuitty used White Star Line blueprints to create life-like sets, while Titanic officer Joseph Boxhall was a consultant.
Despite it's modest production values, A Night to Remember is still regarded by critics as the most historically accurate of the many Titanic movies, and earned a Golden Globe award.
The story of the 'unsinkable' liner's  loss in 1912 was told from the point of view of her passengers and crew, principally Second Officer Charles Lightoller, portrayed by Kenneth More (1914-1982).
Bob Ballard's discovery of the wreck of Titanic in 1985 sparked a fresh wave of public interest in the disaster, and Lord (1917-2002) penned a sequel, The Night Lives On (1986) and even acted as a consultant on James Cameron's Titanic (1997).
This film featured twenty-three future Doctor Who cast and crew connections:      
  • Honor Blackman (Mrs Lucas) went on to find global fame as Cathy Gale in The Avengers (1962-64) and Bond girl, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, before playing Professor Lasky in Terror of the Vervoids, and voiced Queen Anahita for Big Finish's The Children of Seth (2011)
  • Roanld Allen (Clarke) was Rago in The Dominators, and Professor Ralph Cornish in The Ambassadors of Death
  • Richard Leech (First Officer Murdoch) was Gatherer Hade in The Sun Makers
  • Ralph Michael (Yates) was Balaton in The Pirate Planet
  • Jack Watling (Fourth Officer Boxhall) was Professor Edward Travers in both Yeti stories of the 1960's, opposite his real-life daughter, Deborah Watling (aka. Victoria Waterfield)
  • Geoffrey Bayldon (Cyril Evans) was Organon in The Creature from the Pit, and voiced the Unbound First Doctor for Auld Mortality (2003) and A Storm of Angels (2005)
  • Harold Goldblatt (Guggenheim) was Professor Dale in Frontier in Space
  • Andrew Keir (Joseph Bell) was Wyler in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
  • Philip Ray (Anderson) was Professor Daniel Eldred in The Seeds of Death
  • Roger Avon (Reginald Lee) was Saphadin in The Crusade, Daxtar in The Daleks' Master Plan episode, The Traitors, and Wells in the second Dalek film
  • Jeremy Bulloch (Boy) was Hal in The Time Warrior
  • George A Cooper (Purser Hughes) was Cherub in The Smugglers
  • Glyn Houston (Stoker) was Professor [Owen] Watson in The Hand of Fear, and Colonel Ben Wolsey in The Awakening
  • Robert James (Hesketh) was Lester in The Power of the Daleks, and the High Priest in The Masque of Mandragora
  • Stratford Johns (Crewman) was Monarch in Four to Doomsday
  • Howard Lang (Chief Officer Henry Wilde) was Horg in 100,000 BC
  • Derren Nesbitt (Stoker) was Tegana in Marco Polo, and voiced Thomas Dodd for Spare Parts (BF, 2002) and Ordinal-General Quences for Unbound: Auld Mortality
  • Steve Plytas (Greek Passenger) was Wigner in The Tenth Planet
  • Mavis Ranson (Passenger) was a Schoolgirl in An Unearthly Child
  • Richard Shaw (Crewman) was Lobos in The Space Museum, Cross in Frontier in Space, and Lakh in Underworld
  • Pauline Challoner (Child) auditioned for the role of Victoria Waterfield in April 1967
  • Jack Silk was a stuntman on The Daemons too
  • David Harcourt was a camera operator on both Dalek feature films too

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