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Doctor Who Vs. Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), Season 1

Before Doctor Who was resurrected for the 21st century, another cult 1960's TV show, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), was brilliantly brought back from the dead for BBC One by Working Title films, and writer Charlie Higson - who made Hitchcock-esque cameos in all thirteen stories. The original 26-part series was created by 'classic' era script editor Dennis Spooner, and was broadcast on ITV in 1969/70.
 Comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer reprised the roles of private detectives Marty Hopkirk and Jeff Randall, whilst Emilia Fox and former Doctor Tom Baker played the other series regulars, Jeannie Hurst and Wyvern.
Composer Murray Gold provided the music here before working on NuWho, whilst the theme music was provided by David Arnold who later arranged Ron Grainer's iconic theme tune for Big Finish (2001-08).
The first, six-part series featured future Doctor David Tennant (as Gordon Stylus in Drop Dead) and twenty-six other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Drop Dead (TX: March 18 2000)
  • the latest project from NuWho writer and actor Mark Gatiss (Inspector Large here) is the forthcoming 'docudrama' An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Jessica Hynes (Felia) was Joan Redfern in Human Nature and The Family of Blood, then (that character's great-granddaughter) Verity Newman in The End of Time, and voiced Glory Bee for Invaders From Mars (Big Finish, 2002)
  • Steve Pemberton (Sergeant Liddel) was Strackman Lux in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
  • Paul Shearer (Man) voiced King Henry VIII for Recorded Time, and Cranston for A Most Excellent Match (BF, both 2011)
  • 'Classic' series regular Laurie Goode (Removal Man) was a Mutt in The Mutants, a Time Lord in The Invasion of Time, a Bandit in The Creature from the Pit, a Tigellan in Meglos, a Sailor in Enlightenment, and a UNIT trooper in Battlefield
  • series ADR editor Paul McFadden was the sound supervisor on eighty-one NuWho stories from Rose to The Power of Three, as well as The Infinite Quest, Time Crash, Music of the Spheres, eleven installments of The Sarah Jane Adventures and fifteen Torchwood episodes
Mental Apparition Disorder (TX: March 25)
  • Martin Clunes (Nash) was Lon in Snakedance
  • Richard Todd (Waterman) was Sanders in Kinda
  • Wanda Ventham (Alice) was Jean Rook in The Faceless Ones, Thea Ransome in Image of the Fendahl, and Faroon in Time and the Rani
  • Steven Berkoff (the Mouth) was the Shakri in The Power of Three
The Best Years of Your Death (TX: April 1)
  • Rory Jennings (Daniel) played Tommy Connolly in The Idiot's Lantern
  • Peter Bowles (Graves) was Lionel Carson in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was
  • Mark Straker (Dawkins) was a Trooper in Earthshock
    Paranoia (TX: April 8)
    • Arabella Wier (Judith) has the distinction of being only the second actress (after Joanna Lumley) to portray a female Doctor, in Unbound: Exile (BF, 2003), then was Bilis in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
    • Tim Wallers (Lacey) was Childers in Victory of the Daleks
    • Simon Pegg (Pope) was the Editor in The Long Game, voiced Don Chaney also for Invaders From Mars, and narrated the first series of Doctor Who Confidential
    • Paul Rhys (Milton) was Max Paul, the Baroc in The Scapegoat (BF, 2009)
    • Joanna Kanska (Magda) voiced Rachel for Situation Vacant (BF, 2010)
    Blast from the Past (TX: April 15)
    • Mark Benton (Wallis) was Clive in Rose, and voiced Ellis for Invaders From Mars, and Jack Coulson for Energy of the Daleks (BF, 2012)
    • Susan Brown (Deirdre) was Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth
    • Patrick Ryecart (Posh Man) was Dr. Crozier in The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp
    A Man of Substance (TX: April 22)
    • Elizabeth Spriggs (Mrs Glauneck) was Tabby in Paradise Towers
    • Gareth Thomas (Bechard) voiced Lord Tamworth in Storm Warning (BF, 2001)
    • Tony Bluto (Mr Banks) was Driver Joe in Midnight
    • Rachel Weaver (Mrs Banks) was Inga in Terminus
    • Hugh Lloyd (Seth) played Garonwy in Delta and the Bannermen

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