Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Doctor Who Vs. Silent Witness, Series 4

The fourth season of Silent Witness was first broadcast on BBC1 in 1999, and again starred Amanda Burton as Home Office pathologist, Professor Sam Ryan. The three two-part stories began a repeat run on the Drama channel tonight and featured another sixteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Gone Tomorrow (TX: May 30 & 31)
  • John Flanagan (Kittrick) wrote Meglos with Andrew McCulloch
  • Nigel Terry (Thorn) played General Cobb in The Doctor's Daughter
  • Robert Pugh (Peterson) was Tony Mack in the 2010 Silurian two-parter
  • Rod Arthur (Controller) was Mr Parsons in School Reunion
  • Howard Lee (Davies) was Dr Gachet in The Pandorica Opens
  • SFX artist Paul McGuinness was Drathro in The Mysterious Planet 
  • regular series stunt arranger Rod Woodruff  was a stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
  • stunt performer Abbi Collins was later the stunt co-ordinator on eleven Tennant era stories, from Rise of the Cybermen toThe Waters of Mars, and The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • cinematographer John McGlashan was film cameraman on Pyramids of Mars and The Face of Evil
  • Jan Nethercot was make-up designer on The Caves of Androzani too
A Kind of Justice (TX: June 8 & 9)
  • Tom Georgeson (McNally) was Kavell in Genesis of the Daleks, and the Inspector in Logopolis
  • George Russo (Danny) was Cleric Philip in 2010's two-part Weeping Angels adventure
  • associate producer Michael Darbon was production manager on Warriors of the Deep
A Good Body (TX: June 15 & 16)
  • Cheryl Hall (Sheryl) was Shirna in Carnival of Monsters
  • Alec Linstead (Cross) starred in the first Silent Witness serial, Buried Lies (1996) - he was Sergeant Osgood in The Daemons, Arnold Jellicoe in Robot, and Arthur Stengos (pictured) in Revelation of the Daleks
  • film editor Philip Kloss also edited The Doctor's DaughterMidnight, and The End of TimeTorchwood: Children of Earth, and the forthcoming An Adventure in Space and Time

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