Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Cracker, Series 1

Produced by Granada for ITV, this gritty crime series began in 1993 and ran for three full seasons. Two feature-length specials followed in 1996 and 2006, and even spawned an American version in 1997 (broadcast in the UK as Fitz). 
The show focused on the work of Manchester-based criminal psychologist (or 'cracker'), Dr Edward 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, portrayed by Robbie Coltrane. He was joined
by actors Geraldine Somerville (as DS Jane Penhaligon), Lorcan Cranitch (as DS Jimmy Beck), and Christopher Eccleston (as DCI David Bilborough, pictured).
 The eleven thrillers earned Coltrane three consecutive Best Actor awards from BAFTA, and Jimmy McGover, the programme's creator and lead writer, won a total of five writing prizes.
Another repeat run of the first, seven-part series concluded on ITV3 last week, and featured another twenty-two Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Mad Woman in the Attic (UK TX: September 27 & October 4 1993)
  • series regular Barbara Flynn (Judith Fitzgerald) voiced Sister Chalice for Big Finish's The Skull of Sobek (2008)
  • Nicholas Woodeson (Hennessy) voiced the Clocksmith for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, new for 2016)
  • Paul Copley (Pathologist) was Clem McDonald in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Dad for Spare Parts (BF, 2002)
  • Kerry Shale (CSO) played Dr. Renfrew in Day of the Moon
  • Adrian Dunbar (Kelly) voiced McCarthy for Brave New Town (BF, 2008)
  • Andy Devine (Train Guard) was a Draconian in Frontier in Space
  • Alan David (Hanrahan) was Gabriel Sneed in The Unquiet Dead
  • Sunetra Sarker (Receptionist) was Indira in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • semi-regular Edward Peel (Chief Superintendent) was Kane in Dragonfire
  • Don Hederson (Hennessey) was Gavrok in Delta and the Bannermen
  • Peter Brayham was also stunt co-ordinator on The Christmas InvasionNew Earth and School Reunion
  • stuntman Chris Webb was a Monoid in The Ark
To Say I Love You (TX: October 11 to 25)
  • Andrew Tiernan (Sean) was Mr. Purcell in Night Terrors
  • David Haig (Graham) was Pangol in The Leisure Hive
  • Susan Vidler (Sammy) was Aunt Susan in The Big Bang
  • Tim Barlow (Judith's Father) was Tyssan in Destiny of the Daleks
  • Beryl Reid (Fitz's Mum) was Captain Briggs in Earthshock
  • Owen Brenman (Haig) voiced Jerry for Human Resources (BF, 2007)
  • Alf Tramontin was the steadicam operator on Attack of the Graske too
One Day a Lemming Will Fly (TX: November 1 & 8)
  • series production manager Liam Foster began his television career as an uncredited AFM on (episode 6 of) The Space Pirates and Spearhead from Space
  • Andy Pryor (series casting) has worked as casting director on the revived run since 2005, as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures and every episode of Torchwood
  • Dorothy Friend worked on the continuity for Boom Town too

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