Thursday, 26 February 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Cracker, Series 2

Actors Robbie Coltrane (here playing criminal psychologist 'Fitz'), Geraldine Somerville (as DS Penhaligon), and Lorcan Cranitch (DS Beck) all returned for three new thrillers, first broadcast on ITV in the autumn of 1994.
Christopher Eccleston left his role as Chief Inspector Bilborough in the first story (he was killed by Robert Carlyle's character, Albie Kinsella), and he was succeeded by Ricky Tomlinson as new DCI, Charlie Wise.
Another repeat run of the second, nine-part season concluded on ITV3 last night, and featured Maureen O'Brien (pictured as Virginia Trant in the second serial), and thirteen other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

To Be A Somebody (TX: October 10 to 24 1994)
  • for Paul Copley (Pathologist), Edward Peel (Chief Superintendent), Barbara Flynn (Judith) and Peter Brayahm (stunts) see my blog for Series 1
  • Philip Childs (Operator) voiced Giles for Big Finish's Ghost Walk (2018)
  • series production manager Des Hughes was the line producer on eight recent adventures, from The Snowmen to The Time of the Doctor, and made a cameo appearance in The Five(ish) Doctors
  • Dorothy Friend worked on the continuity for Boom Town too
The Big Crunch (TX: October 31 to November 14)
  • Emma Cunniffe (Sarah) played Claire in Night Terrors
  • Big Fiish artist James Fleet (Michael Trant) voiced O'Reilley for Max Warp (2008), Geoff Cooper for The Entropy Composition, and Martin Ashcroft and Sir Jack Merrivale for Special Features (both featured on The Demons of Red Lodge release of 2010)
  • Ellie Haddington (Mrs Barnes) was Professor Docherty in Last of the Time Lords
  • Jim Carter (Kenneth Trant) voiced Brother Bernard for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010)
Men Should Weep (TX: November 21 to December 5)
    • Rachel Davies (Mrs Malcolm) was Camilla in State of Decay
    • series casting assistant Andy Pryor has been the casting director on the revived series since Rose

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