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Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 5: 1970-1972

Corrie ended the Sixties with the broadcast of its first colour episode (in November 1969) and a brand new title sequence. As the programme approached its tenth anniversary and thousandth episode, it was hit by strike action at Granada which kept the show off the air for most of June 1970. ITV's Colour Strike later in the year meant that Corrie was recorded in monochrome again from November 1970 to February 1971. 
The troubled early 1970's therefore resulted in the first major fall in ratings since the show's formative years.
These three years on the Street featured Elizabeth Sladen (pictured here in a publicity shot from the Daily Mirror) as barmaid Anita Reynolds (in six installments in January 1970), and twenty-three other Doctor Who 
cast and crew connections:

  • prolific BAFTA winning television writer Brian Finch penned 150 episodes for Corrie, and provided an ultimately unused script for season 23 - Leviathan was adapted by Big Finish in 2010
  • director (of 22 episodes from 1971 to 1987) Paul Bernard later helmed Day of the DaleksThe Time Monster and Frontier in Space
  • Ian Barritt (Policeman here; and Forshaw, 1973) was Professor Peach in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Rosalind Ayres (Jasmine) voiced Miriam Rochester for Jubilee (BF, 2003)
  • June Brown (Mrs. Parsons) and Ray Dunbobbin (Clarke) both appeared in The Time Warrior, as Lady Eleanor and Irongron's Soldier
  • Maggie Steed (Ellen) voiced Rana Zandusia for Mission to Magnus (BF, 2009)
  • Richard Steele (DS Jones) was Commandant Gorton in (episode 2 of) The War Games, Sergeant Hart in (episodes 4 and 6 of) The Silurians, and a Guard in The Mark of the Rani
  • William Lucas (Maxwell here; and Judge Parrish, 1996) was Range in Frontios
  • Talfryn Thomas (Dirty Dick) was Mullins in (episode 1 of) Spearhead from Space and Dave in The Green Death
  • Gareth Thomas (Ryan) voiced Lord Tamworth for Storm Warning (BF, 2001) and Kalendorf for Return of the Daleks (BF, 2006) 
  • Luan Peters (Lorna) was Chicki (as Karol Keyes) in (episode 4 of) The Macra Terror, and Sheila in Frontier in Space (3)
  • George Layton (Shelton) was Technician Penn in The Space Pirates, and voiced Louis Markell for upcoming release, The Third Doctor Adventures: The Havoc of Empires
  • Del Henney (Duncan) was Colonel Archer in Resurrection of the Daleks
  • John Stratton (Crabtree) was Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig in The Two Doctors
  • William Simons (Bates) was Mandrel in The Sun Makers
  • Ivor Roberts (Silcock) was Mogran in Genesis of the Daleks (part 3)
  • Brian Glover (Henshaw) was Griffiths in Attack of the Cybermen
  • Jeremy Young (Lewis) was Kal in 100,000 BC, and Gordon Lowery in Mission to the Unknown
  • Alec Sabin (Lomax) was Ringway in Earthshock
  • Paul Copley (Photographer here; and Priestley, 2007) was Clem McDonald in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Dad for Spare Parts (BF, 2002)
  • Robert Keegan (Jacko) was Sholakh in The Ribos Operation
  • Thelma Barlow (Mavis Wilton/Riley, 1971-1997) was Lady Thaw in The Lazarus Experiment

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