Saturday, 27 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Afterlife, Series 1

Produced by Clerkenwell Films, a repeat run of this supernatural drama series continued on ITV3 last night. The programme was created by horror writer Stephen Volk, and ran for two seasons in 2005 and 2006. Scottish film actor John Hannah was the executive producer on the first and final installments here.
Liverpool-born Lesley Sharpe won the RTS Best Actress award and a Golden Nymph prize for her role as psychic believer Alison Mundy. Her co-star Andrew Lincoln played sceptic academic, Dr. Robert Bridge, and together they investigated paranormal cases in Bristol. 
Sharp (pictured as Sky Silvestry in Midnight) was joined in the first six-part season by another twenty-three Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

More Than Meets The Eye (TX: September 24 2005)
  • series composer Edmund Butt, Toby Wood (music engineer), and Liz Pearson (post-production supervisor) all worked on An Adventure in Space and Time in those same capacities
  • Colin Prockter (Rose) was the Chef in The Long Game, and the Air Raid Warden in Victory of the Daleks
  • Gail Clayton (Surgeon) voiced Rigan for Big Finish's Unregenerate (2005)
  • Adam Ridge was boom operator on Music of the Spheres too
  • Rod Woodruff was also stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
  • Paul Kulik was a stuntman on Rose too
Lower Than Bones (TX: October 1)
  • Clare Cathcart (Liz) voiced Mary for The Settling (BF, 2006)
  • Jonathan Farmer was first assistant director on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS too
Daniel One & Two (TX: October 8)
  • Steven Elder (Rabey) voiced Farrow for Jubilee (BF, 2003), and Rawden for Something Inside (BF, 2006)
  • Rhodri Meilir (Daniel 2) was Rhodri in The Runaway Bride
  • John Owen (Patient) was Thorpe in The Daemons
  • Joanna Horton (Frankie) voiced Brooke for The Diary of River Song 2 (BF, 2018)
Misdirection (TX: October 15)
  • Richard Beale (Keyhoe) was the Refusian Voice in The Ark, Bat Masterson in The Gunfighters, the Broadcaster Voice in The Macra Terror, and the Minister in (episode 3 of) The Green Death
  • Mark Benton (McClune) was Clive in Rose, and voiced Ellis for Invaders From Mars (BF, 2002) and Jack Coulson for Energy of the Daleks (BF, 2012)
  • Mark Bonnar (Varcoe) was Jimmy in The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People, then voiced Porteus for The English Way of Death, and the Eleven for Doom Coalition (BF, both 2015)
  • Susan Engel (Ellen) was Cessair in The Stones of Blood
  • Tristan Beint (Student) was Tom in The Day of the Doctor
Sleeping With The Dead (TX: October 22)
  • Elaine Matthews was also script supervisor on The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex
The 7:59 Club (TX: October 29)
  • Veronica Roberts (Jean) voiced Krelos Major for The Fate of Krelos, and Relly for Return to Telos (BF, both 2015)
  • Phyllida Law (Irene) was Bea Nelson-Stanley in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon, and voiced Belldonia for The Bride of Peladon (BF, 2008)
  • James Scott was the focus puller on Closing Time too

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