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Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 10: 1990-1995

The biggest change to the soap's schedule since
1961 came in October 1989 with the addition of
a third weekly installment.
Granada then decided to give the show a dedicated production base, and the sets were moved from the main TV studios building to a refurbished warehouse near the outdoor set.
The new complex, complete with individual dressing rooms, now allowed the cast to rehearse on the actual sets. 
Throughout 1990, new houses and business premises (including the Kabin) began to be integrated into storylines. A new title sequence and videotape recording were also introduced, and all these changes gave Corrie a more modern feel.
In 1992 however (just a year after Carolyn Reynolds replaced Mervyn Watson as producer), Lord Rees Mogg of the Broadcasting Standards Council saw the Street's all-white cast as out of touch (the Desai family, the first regular non-white characters, only appeared in 1999).
Then another prime-time rival launched on BBC1 that July, but Eldorado was a flop and was cancelled after just a year on air.
The Street was victorious again in the next ratings battle, when EastEnders debuted its own third weekly episode in 1994. Corrie celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary with its first one-hour special and spin-off video release, both marking the wedding of Curly Watts and Racquel (Kevin Kennedy and Sarah Lancashire).
These six years on the Street featured William Russell (pictured as Ted
Sullivan, from April to September 1992), and twenty-five other Doctor Who 
cast and crew connections:
  • Tania Rodrigues (Joanne Khan) voiced Anarkali, Melissa and Isra Tech #2 for Big Finish's Scavenger (2014)
  • Shirin Taylor (Jackie Ingram) was a Camper in (part 3 of) The Stones of Blood, and a Customer in Dragonfire
  • actor and writer Andrew McCulloch (Travers) co-wrote Meglos
  • Patricia Maynard (Veronica) was Miss Winters in Robot
  • Judy Holt (Mrs. Grice here; and Lesley Kershaw, 2011/12) was Adam's Mum in The Long Game
  • Milton Johns (Brendan Scott, 1991, 1993) was Benik in The Enemy of the World, Guy Crayford in The Android Invasion, and Kelner in The Invasion of Time
  • Carl Forgione (Barrett) was Land in Planet of the Spiders, and Nimrod in Ghost Light
  • Sally Faulkner (Mrs. Maxwell-Glover) was Isobel Watkins in The Invasion, and voiced Miss Tremayne for Winter for the Adept (BF, 2000)
  • Tyrone Huggins (Dr. Bannerman) voiced Dr. Kenton Eastwood for UNIT: Shutdown (BF, new for 2016)
  • Dicken Ashworth (Horton) was Sezon in Timelash
  • Catherine Cusack (Carmel) made her acting debut as the Blue Kang Leader in Paradise Towers
  • Leslie Schofield (Brookes) was Leroy in (episode 4 of) The War Games, and Calib in The Face of Evil
  • Colin Prockter (Halpern, 1992; Bostock, 1995; Maddocks, 2005; and Clarky, 2008) was the Chef in The Long Game, and the Air Raid Warden in Victory of the Daleks
  • Big Finish artist Nigel Carrington (Brooks) voiced Emissary Godrin, Dr. Summersby and Announcer for The Valley of Death (2011), Sir Robert Harney for The Devil's Armada (2014), Pik Solus for Mistfall (2015), and Sir Peter Latcham for UNIT: Shutdown
  • Brian Hibbard (Murray) was Kellor in Delta and the Bannermen
  • Freddie Earlle (Owens) was Aldo in Warriors' Gate
  • Alibe Parsons (Kathy) was Matroni Kani in Mindwarp
  • Malcolm Terris (Firman) was Etnin in (episode 1 of) The Dominators, and the Co-Pilot in The Horns of Nimon
  • Bernard Kay (Phillips) was Carl Tyler in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Saladin in The Crusade, Inspector Crossland in The Faceless Ones, Caldwell in Colony in Space, and voiced Major Dickens for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • John Savident (Fred Elliott, 1994-2006) was the Squire in (part 1 of) The Visitation
  • director (of episode 3773) Michael Owen Morris helmed The Awakening too, following a stint on The Pirate Planet as production assistant
  • director (of 21 installments) Michael Kerrigan also helmed Battlefield and four episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Ellie Haddington (Josie) was Professor Docherty in Last of the Time Lords
  • Frank Mills (Billy Williams, 1995-97) was the Telescope Director in Terror of the Autons (1)
  • Andy Devine (Photographer here; and Jason, 2000) made his TV debut as an uncredited Draconian in Frontier in Space

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