Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 8: 1979-1982

By 1979, Corrie had scant competition within its primetime slot. But some critics suggested that the programme had grown complacent, whilst moving away from socially aware storylines, and was yet again accused of presenting a dated view of working-class life. The late 1970's however, saw the show's popularity grow, and Corrie regularly topped the TV ratings. The series was again affected by industrial action when the whole ITV network was blacked out for seventy-five days, from August 10th to October 24th 1979.
The early 1980's would prove to be one of the show's most popular periods, and earned its highest viewing figures since its heyday. Ena Sharples (played by Violet Carson since 1960) left Corrie in 1980, and the wedding of Ken Barlow and Deirdre Langton in 1981 was watched by over 24 million viewers.
 Then in 1982, a brand-new exterior set finally replaced the original, which was little more than a dated facade.
These four years on the Street featured another nineteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Michael Melia (Cummings) was a Terileptil in The Visitation
  • Bill McGuirk (Wilson here; and DC Banks, 1984) was a Guard in The Enemy of the World, and a Policeman in (episode 3 of) Terror of the Autons
  • Paul Seed (Father Harris) was the Graff Vynda-Ka in The Ribos Operation
  • Big Finish artist Sue Wallace (Mrs. Fletcher here; and Jean, 2005) voiced Mrs. Baddeley for The Chimes of Midnight, Edith for Season of Fear (both 2002), and Mertil for The Whispering Forest (2010)
  • Richard Shaw (Johnson) was Lobos in The Space Museum, Cross inFrontier in Space, and Lakh in Underworld
  • Jonathan Caplan (Cheveski) was Roskal in Planet of Fire
  • Christian Rodska (Newton) voiced Laan Carder for Faith Stealer (BF, 2004), and Reverend Small for Hornet's Nest: The Dead Shoes (AudioGo, 2009)
  • Tenniel Evans (DI Vaughan) was Major Daly in Carnival of Monsters
  • director (of episodes 2078 and 2079) Kenny McBain helmed The Horns of Nimon too
  • Paul Lowther (Jackson) was a Knight in The King's Demons, and an Orderly in Frontios
  • Gilbert Wynne (Dodds) was Thara in The Krotons
  • husband of Elizabeth Sladen, Brian Miller (Elliott here; Pughes, 2012) was Dugdale in Snakedance, voiced the titular aliens for both Resurrection and Remembrance of the Daleks, and was Barney (pictured) in Deep Breath
  • Graham Seed (Solicitor) voiced Pyrepoint for The Romance of Crime (BF, 2015)
  • David Simeon (Simpson here; and Dr. Bird, 1998) was Private Latimer in (episodes 1 and 3 of) Inferno, and Alastair Fergus in The Daemons (1)
  • Dave Hill (Hurst) voiced Nessican for Death Comes to Time
  • Tony Osoba (McGregor here; and Peter Ingram, 1990) was Lan in Destiny of the Daleks, Kracauer in Dragonfire, and Duke in Kill the Moon
  • Philip Jackson (Smitty) voiced Laxton for Valhalla (BF, 2007)
  • Mark Eden (Randle here, and Alan Bradley, 1986-89) and Lesley Manville (Jill) both appeared in An Adventure in Space and Time, as Donald Baverstock and Heather Hartnell respectively - Eden had played the titular Venetian in Marco Polo

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