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Doctor Who Vs. The Avengers, Series 5B

Now being repeated again on the True Entertainment 
channel, this cult British fantasy show returned to ITV 
in the autumn of 1967 then American screens in early 
1968 - Patrick Mcnee and Diana Rigg again starred as quintessentially English spies John Steed and Mrs. 
Emma Peel.
The show's fifth production block was extended when 
Rigg agreed to remain for the rest of the season. Like 
her predecessor Honor Blackman, Rigg was later cast
in the James Bond franchise, as Tracy di Vicenzo in On 
Her Majesty's Secret Service opposite George Lazenby
(Mcnee would eventually appear in the Bond series too, 
as Sir Geoffrey Tibbett in A View To A Kill).
Rigg's final eight stories, featured Anneke Wills 
(pictured as Judy Channerin in part three), Nicholas Courtney (as Captain Gifford in the final serial - and
both making their second appearances in The 
Avengers), Peter Cushing (as Paul Beresford in the first story, then a guest star on The New Avengers) and twenty-four other Doctor Who cast connections:

Return of the Cybernauts (UK TX [London]: September 28 1967 & US 
[New York] TX: February 21 1968)
  • Fulton Mackay (Chadwick) played Dr. Quinn in The Silurians
  • Roger Hammond (Russell) was Francis Bacon in The Chase: The Executioners, Dr. Runciman in Mawdryn Undead, and voiced Harold Withers for Big Finish's The Eternal Summer (2009)
  • for Noel Coleman (Conroy) and Frederick Jaeger (Benson) see the Series 2 episodes, Traitor in Zebra and Death of a Great Dane respectively
Death's Door (UK TX: October 5 & US TX: January 31)
  • William Lucas (Stapley) was Range in Frontios
  • for Peter Thomas (Saunders) see Series 4: Small Game for Big Hunters
The £50,000 Breakfast (UK TX: October 12 & US TX: February 28)
  • John Baker (Mourner here, and Hallam in You Have Just Been Murdered) was a Time Lord in (the first episode of) Colony in Space, a Meditator in Planet of the Spiders and Ralph in The Visitation (1)
  • for Nigel Lambert (Doctor) and Jon Laurimore (Guard) see Series 4 stories, The Master Minds and Honey for the Prince
Dead Man's Treasure (UK TX: October 19 & US TX: March 13)
  • for Edwin Richfield (Alex) and Neil McCarthy (Carl) see Series 1 episodes, Girl on the Trapeze and Brought to Book
  • Rio Fanning (Danvers) was Harker in Horror of Fang Rock
You Have Just Been Murdered 
UK TX: October 26 & US TX: January 24)
  • Barrie Ingham (Unwin) was Alydon in Dr. Who and the Daleks, then Prince Paris in The Myth Makers (according to IMDB, he is one of just ten actors to have speaking roles in both Doctor Who and the Star Trek franchises)
  • for Leslie French (Rathbone) see Series 2: Death of a Great Dane
  • Clifford Cox (Chalmers) was the Sergeant in (the third episode of) Spearhead from Space
The Positive Negative Man
(UK TX: November 3 & US TX: January 17)

Murdersville (UK TX: November 10 & US TX: February 7)
  • Eric Flynn (Croft) was Leo Ryan in The Wheel in Space
  • for Robert Cawdron (Banks) see Series 4: A Touch of Brimstone
  • Joseph Greig (Higgins) was one of the titular aliens in The Sensorites
  • for Geoffrey Colville (Purser) see Series 3: Concerto
  • Tony Caunter (Miller) was Morgan in Colony in Space, and Jackson in Enlightenment
  • Big Finish artist Gareth Thomas (Assassin) voiced Lord Tamworth for Storm Warning (2001), Kalendorf for Return of the Daleks (2006), and Morax for Last of the Colophon (2014)
Mission... Highly Improbable 
(UK TX: November 17 & US TX: January 10)
  • Kevin Stoney (Bancroft here; and Tomkins in The New Avengers: Cat Amongst the Pigeons) played Mavic Chen in The Daleks' Master Plan, Tobias Vaughn in The Invasion, and Tyrum in Revenge of the Cybermen
  • for Dinny Powell (Karl) see Series 4: The Cybernauts
  • for Richard Leech (Drew) see Series 2: Traitor in Zebra

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