Thursday, 25 February 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Waking The Dead, Series 1

Following a successful pilot episode, this popular
Emmy award winning BBC crime drama began a
full series in 2000, endured for another ten years,
and even spawned a spin-off show, The Body Farm
 in 2011.
Created by Casualty writer Barbara Machin, the
programme centred on a fictional London-based
'Cold Case' unit, that comprised of CID officers,
 a psychological profiler, and a forensic team. Only
three cast members appeared in all nine seasons -
Trevor Eve (as DCI, then Superintendent Peter Boyd),
Sue Johnston (Dr. Grace Foley), and Will Johnson
(DS Spence Jordan). Other newcomers Claire Goose
(DC Mel Silver) and Holly Aird (Dr. Frankie Wharton)
both stayed with the show for four years.
This eight-part season concluded another repeat run
on the Drama channel at the weekend, and featured
Noel Clarke (as Harry, an uncredited Constable in the penultimate mystery)
and twenty-six other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Pilot (UK TX: September 4 & 5 2000)
  • Mal Young was also executive producer on the first seasons of the revived series and Doctor Who Confidential
  • Steven Elder (Pearson) voiced Farrow for Big Finish's Jubilee (2003), and Rawden for Something Inside (BF, 2006)
  • associate producer Margot Hayhoe was the AFM on The War Machines, Fury from the Deep, and The Ambassadors of Death, then production manager on LogopolisCastrovalva and Snakedance
  • first assistant director Debbi Slater was production manager on Blink, Planet of the OodThe Sontaran StratagemThe Poison SkyThe Unicorn and the WaspSilence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, then associate producer on Planet of the Dead and The Waters of Mars - she also held those posts on The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood
  • sound recordist John Taylor was a boom operator on The Five Doctors
  • dubbing mixer Dave Humphries was foley recordist on The Empty ChildThe Doctor DancesBad Wolf, and The Parting of the Ways
  • Vince McGahon was also the Steadicam operator on The Vampires of Venice and Vincent and the Doctor
  • script supervisor Juley Harding was production assistant on Black Orchid and The Caves of Androzani
  • Fran Needham was the make-up artist on Full Circle and Arc of Infinity too
Burn Out (UK TX: June 18 & 19 2001)
  • series associate producer Matthew Patnick was the line producer on An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Simon Morris was also first assistant director on Turn LeftThe Stolen EarthJourney's End and The Sarah Jane Adventures (and second assistant on Love & Monsters)
  • Graham Frake (cinematographer here) and Steve Robinson (first assistant director) both held those posts on The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks too
  • Michael Feinberg was also sound editor on The Lazarus Experiment and ten instalments of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • stunt co-ordinator Richard Hammatt was a stuntman on The Runaway Bride
  • Rocky Taylor was a stuntman on The Idiot's Lantern too, following uncredited appearances as a Warrior in The Daleks' Master Plan: Golden Death, and a Guard in The Curse of Peladon (4)
Blind Beggar (UK TX: June 25 & 26)
  • Annette Crosbie (Moira) was Mrs Angelo in The Eleventh Hour
  • Tom Lucy was also stunt co-ordinator on sixteen adventures, from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor
A Simple Sacrifice (UK TX: July 2 & 3)
  • Dame Harriet Walter (Annie) voiced Beatrice Mapp for The Boy That Time Forgot (BF, 2008)
  • Lynda Bellingham (Mary) was the Inquisitor (pictured) during The Trial of a Time Lord season, a role reprised for Big Finish's Gallifrey series then Trial of the Valeyard (2014)
  • Nicholas Woodeson (Dickson) voiced the Clocksmith for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, new for 2016)
  • Rakie Ayola (Pauline) was the Hostess in Midnight
Every Breath You Take (UK TX: July 9 & 10)
  • Robert Demeger (Pathologist) was the Preacher in The Shakespeare Code
  • Janet Ellis (TV Reporter) was Teka in The Horns of Nimon
  • Lee Ross (Redford) was the Boatswain in The Curse of the Black Spot
  • Tessa Peake-Jones (Fiona) was Marta in The Time of the Doctor
  • William Hartley was also first assistant director on The Waters of MarsThe Girl Who Waited, and The God Complex, after acting as AFM on Horror of Fang Rock

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