Monday, 23 May 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Messiah, Series 4: The Harrowing

Now co-produced by BBC Northern Ireland 
and Great Meadow, this dark and gritty
 thriller (the third sequel to Messiahwhich 
was based on the 1999 crime novel by Boris Starling), was an original, Edgar 
Award-nominated screenplay from Terry 
This three-part serial saw the final appearance of Ken Stott (as DCI Red Metcalfe) and Neil 
Dudgeon (DI Warren), and guest roles for 
prolific actors Maxine Peake and Hugo Speer 
as new Metropolitan Police detectives, DS 
Vickie Clarke and DI Jack Price. Stott and 
Peake were later reunited on Hancock & Joan
A fifth and final serial aired in 2008, with the cast led by Marc Warren.
First shown over three consecutive nights
 in late August 2005, Messiah IV concluded another repeat run on the Drama channel last night, and featured thirteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Helen McCrory (Dr. Price) played Rosanna Calvierri (pictured) in The Vampires of Venice
  • Aaron Neil (Cotter) and Anthony May (Brown) both starred in Big Finish's All-Consuming Fire (2015) as Tir Ram and Baron Maupertuis respectively - Neil also voiced Sanukuma Master for The Diary of River Song 1, Aramatz for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Unbound Universe, Stephano, Klossi, Trink and Setebos all for Maker of Demons, and David for UNIT: Silenced (all 2016), he also appeared as Mr. Dunlop in The Magician's Apprentice
  • Harriet Walter (Professor Robb) voiced Beatrice Mapp for The Boy That Time Forgot (BF, 2008)
  • Russell Tovey (McManus) was Midshipman Alonso Frame in Voyage of the Damned and The End of Time, Part 2
  • Andrew McCulloch (Father James) co-wrote Meglos
  • Garry Marriott (Paramedic) had the same role in The Lazarus Experiment
  • Derek Ezenagu (CSO) voiced both Ruslan and Ivo for Doom Coalition 2 (BF, 2016)
  • David Malinowski was also a SFX make-up artist on The Time of Angels and The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, and was a prosthetics technician on The Waters of Mars and The End of Time
  • camera operator Steve Lawes was focus puller on all five episodes, from Rose to World War Three
  • Gerry O'Riordan was also the music recordist on sixty-eight stories (from The Christmas Invasion to The Husbands of River Song) and Torchwood: Children of Earth
  • series prosthetics designer Waldo Mason was a SFX assistant on Aliens of London
  • Vince McGahon was also steadicam operator on The Vampires of Venice and Vincent and the Doctor

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