Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Hamlet

In 1925 - more than eighty years before David Tennant's highly acclaimed portrayal of the Prince
of Denmark - a teenage William Hartnell joined Sir Frank Benson's Shakespearean Company. He 
performed in Hamlet a year later, 
and again in 1928.
Patrick Troughton and Peter Cushing both appeared in Laurence Oliver's film rendition of Hamlet (1948). The first ever 
television production of the play 
was broadcast the year before, 
and was Troughton's TV debut 
(he played Horatio here, and 
the Player King in the film).
Tennant took the title role when the RSC staged Hamlet at Stratford in 2008, 
and the play was televised on BBC2 the following Christmas (the cast included 
Patrick Stewart and Doctor Who guest actors John Woodvine, David Ajala, 
Roderick Smith, Peter De Jersey, Andrea Harris and Zoe Thorne).
William Russell starred as the Prince in the 1961 TV version of Hamlet
opposite a dozen future classic era guest stars (Clive Morton, Bernard Kay, 
Nicholas Hawtrey, Neville Jason, Thane Bettany, Anthony Gardner, Kenneth 
Gilbert, Peter Copley, William Marlowe, Robert James, Terence Bayler and 
Michael Spice).
 Another BBC dramatisation in 1980 featured Derek JacobiGeoffrey Beevers, and Lalla Ward (as Ophelia) - here with Claire Bloom, Geoffrey Bateman, Emrys James, Reginald Jessup, Peter Benson, Peter Burroughs, and series stalwart Stuart Fell.
Peter Davison appeared in a 1974 production of Hamlet, whilst Christopher Eccleston took the lead role in Leeds (2002). John Simm also played the 
Prince, in Sheffield in 2010.

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