Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Date With History: 1888

Prostitute Mary Ann Nichols (nee Walker, and known locally as Polly), aged 43, became the first canonical victim of the Victorian serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.
She was murdered at around 3.40 am, on Friday August 31st, in Buck's Row (now Durward Street), Whitechapel. Nichols was discovered by the carman, Charles Cross, and she was buried at the City of London cemetery on September 6th.
Cross (aka Lechmere) was recently proposed as a Ripper suspect by Christier Holmgren.
The Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (CID), James Monro resigned his post today, and ultimately replaced Sir Charles Warren following the later murder of Mary Kelly.
New Commissioner Robert Anderson 
assigned Donald Swanson to head the 
The Autumn of Terror had begun. 

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