Friday, 26 August 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Ashes to Ashes, Series 3

The repeat run of BBC One's sequel series to Life On Mars 
continued on the Sony TV channel last night. 
Keeley Hawes, Philip Glenister, Marshall Lancaster, Dean 
Andrews and Montserrat Lombard all reprised their roles
(as DI Alex Drake, DCI Gene Hunt, DC Chris Skelton, DS 
Ray Carling and WPC Shaz Granger respectively) for the 
third season of Ashes to Ashes, now set in 1983. 
Hawes later appeared as both Ms. Delphox and Director Karabraxos in Time Heist.
The final, eight-part run was originally transmitted from 
April 2 to May 21 2010, and featured Camille Coduri
 (as Gloria in part five) and seventeen further Doctor 
Who cast and crew connections:

  • co-executive producer Piers Wenger held that post on twenty-nine adventures (from The End of Time to The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe), DreamlandThe Adventure GamesSpace and TimeDoctor Who Proms (2010), and The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • BBC newsreader Matthew Amroliwala appeared on The Power of Three too
  • Charles Walters (DC Romeo) was Robert Sleigh in An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Daniel Mays (Jim Keats) was Alex (pictured) in Night Terrors
  • Roy Hudd (Hardwick) voiced Max Miller for Big Finish's Pier Pressure (2006)
  • Bryan Dick (Stafford) voiced the Exec for Theatre of War (BF, 2015)
  • Peter Guinness (Stafford) voiced Mr. Dread for Dreamland, Childeric for The Holy Terror (BF, 2000), and Baron Teufel for The Beast of Orlok (BF, 2009)
  • Lee Ross (DCI Litton, here and series 1 of Life On Mars) was the Boatswain in The Curse of the Black Spot
  • Steven Robertson (Thordy) was Pritchard in Under the Lake and Before the Flood
  • Lucian Msamati (Ndbele) was Guido in The Vampires of Venice
  • Matthew Stirling was also a stuntman on The Angels Take Manhattan and The Name of the Doctor
  • Jamie Payne also directed Hide and The Time of the Doctor
  • for Joseph Long (Luigi), Geff Francis (Viv), and Simon Archer (cinematographer) see my blog for Series 1
  • Balazs Bolygo was also cinematographer on The Rebel Flesh, The Almost People and Closing Time
  • Matthew Cannings was assistant editor on The Snowmen too, then was editor on The Crimson Horror and The Name of the Doctor

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