Saturday, 20 August 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Burke and Hare

Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis portrayed the notorious 19th century serial killers, Burke and Hare in this British black comedy. David Tennant  was originally cast as Hare, but was replaced by Serkis. 
The film was helmed by legendary writer and director of An American Werewolf in London (1981), John Landis.
During 1827/28, two Irish immigrants, William Burke 
and William Hare perpetrated seventeen murders in 
the West Port area of Edinburgh, and sold the corpses
to the anatomy lecturer, Dr. Robert Knox. The killers 
were only prosecuted when Hare was given immunity 
to implicate his accomplice. Burke was hanged in 1829. Ironically, the bodies of executed criminals were then dissected, and Burke's skeleton is still displayed at the city's Medical College.  Knox never faced any criminal charges, and was forced to leave Scotland when the Anatomy Act - which outlawed 'body-snatching' -
was passed in 1832.
The second film depiction of these murders (released 
in 2010) was shown on BBC Two again last night, and featured Christopher Lee, Tom Wilkinson, Isla Fisher, Tim Curry and these nineteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Pegg (Burke) played the Editor in The Long Game, and voiced Don Chaney for Big Finish's Invaders From Mars (2002)
  • Bill Bailey (Angus) was Droxil in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
  • Jessica Hynes (Lucky) was Joan Redfern in Human Nature and The Family of Blood, then (that character's great-granddaughter) Verity Newman in The End of Time, and voiced Glory Bee also for Invaders From Mars
  • David Schofield (Fergus) voiced Nostradamus for The Doomsday Quatrain (BF, 2011), and Billy for Death in Blackpool (BF, 2009)
  • Steve Spiers (Doorman) was Commissioner Strickland in Aliens of London and World War Three
  • Hugh Bonneville (Harrington) was Captain Henry Avery in The Curse of the Black Spot (and briefly in A Good Man Goes to War and The Wedding of River Song)
  • Duncan Duff (Attendant) was a Newsreader in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel, and voiced Joe Hartley for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • Jenny Agutter (Lucy) voiced Sekhmet for The Bride of Peladon (BF, 2008)
  • John Woodvine (Lord Provost) was the Marshal of Atrios in The Armageddon Factor, and voiced Galileo Galilei for Doom Coalition: The Galileo Trap (BF, 2015)
  • Christopher Obi (Martin) was George in Closing Time
  • Michael Smiley (Patterson) voiced Seedleson for Creatures of Beauty (BF, 2003), and was Colonel Morgan Blue in Into the Dalek
  • Christian Brassington (Charles) voiced Alfred Stahlbaum for The Silver Turk (BF, 2011), and made a cameo appearance in The Five(ish) Doctors
  • Reese Shearsmith (Mackenzie) and Paul Davis (Patient) both starred in Sleep No More, as Rassmussen and King Sandman respectively - Shearsmith was also Dan Matthews in the two Auton video spin-offs, Andrew Powell in the PROBE video series, and appeared in An Adventure in Space and Time as Patrick Troughton (pictured)
  • Danielle de Costa was also a stunt performer on Voyage of the Damned and Night Terrors
  • Gary Hoptrough was a stuntman on The Runaway Bride and Let's Kill Hitler too
  • stuntman Curtis Rivers was John Barrowman's stunt double on Utopia,The Sound of Drums and Torchwood
  • prosthetics supervisor Waldo Mason was in the SFX crew for Aliens of London
  • Lisa McDiarmid was also the stand-by art director on The Sound of DrumsLast of the Time LordsTorchwood and the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Neal Champion was the SFX supervisor on An Adventure in Space and Time too

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