Monday, 8 August 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Ripper Street, Series 1

This dark period drama, a joint production  from Tiger Aspect and 
BBC America, was created by Richard Warlow and was filmed entirely in Dublin
 which doubled 
for the East End of London.
Set in Victorian Whitechapel, the
series opens in April 1889, just
six months since the last killing
by Jack the Ripper, and H Division
is responsible for policing this
poor and overcrowded district.
Here, the real-life head of CID, 
DI Edmund Reid (1846-1917), portrayed by Matthew Macfayden, was joined by fictional detectives, DS Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) and former Pinkerton agent, Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg). 
The most prominent figure in the Whitechapel Murders investigation, DCI 
Frederick Abbeline (1843-1929), also appeared in four episodes, and was 
played by Clive Russell.
The first, eight part season of Ripper Street began another repeat run on the
Alibi channel at the weekend, and featured Paul McGann (as Stanley Bone
in part four) and seventeen other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

I Need a Light (UK TX: December 30 2012/US TX: January 19 2013)
  • Julian Bleach (Creighton) was Davros in The Stolen EarthJourney's EndThe Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar
  • Steven Robertson (Thwaites) was Pritchard in Under the Lake and Before the Flood
  • Mark Dexter (Donaldson) was Dad in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
  • prosthetics designer Waldo Mason was in the SFX crew on Aliens of London
In My Protection (UK TX: January 6 2013)
  • Michael Smiley (George Lusk) was Colonel Morgan Blue in Into the Dalek, and voiced Seedleson for Big Finish's Creatures of Beauty (2003)
The King Came Calling (UK TX: January 13)
  • Simon Gregor (Claxton) was the Steward in The Vampires of Venice
The Good of this City (UK TX: January 20)
  • series regular MyAnna Buring (Long Susan) was Scooti Manista in The Impossible Planet
The Weight of One Man's Heart (UK TX: January 27)
  • director (here and part six) Colm McCarthy helmed The Bells of Saint John too
  • Iain Glen (Faulkner) was Father Octavian in The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone
Tournament of Shadows (UK TX: February 3)
  • Peter Ferdinando (Morris) was Half-Face Man in Deep Breath
  • Edward Peel (Norwood) was Kane in Dragonfire
  • Derek Riddell (Constantine) was Sir Robert MacLeish in Tooth and Claw, and voiced Lt. Commander Sandy McNish for The Churchill Years (BF, 2016)
  • David Verrey (Volsky) was Joseph Green in Aliens of London and World War Three
  • Justin Avoth (Bloom) voiced Mikhail for The New Counter Measures: Who Killed Toby Kinsella? (BF, 2016)
  • Ferdinand Kingsley (Bloom) was Captain Catchlove in Empress of Mars
A Man of My Company (TX: February 17)
  • Oliver Cotton (Goldman) voiced Sir Gideon Hale for 1963: The Assassination Games (BF, 2013), and Major Callahan for Quicksilver (BF, 2017)
What Use Our Work? (TX: February 24)
  • series regular Lucy Cohu (Deborah Goren) was Alice Carter in Torchwood: Children of Earth

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