Thursday, 11 August 2016

Doctor Who Vs. The Vault of Horror

Shown again on the Horror channel yesterday, this British anthology horror film was made by Amicus 
Productions, and like their previous
 portmanteau feature, Tales from 
the Crypt (1972), it was based on 
stories from the EC Comics series.
The movie was directed by Roy 
Ward Baker (Quatermass and 
the Pit, Night to Remember)
co-produced by Max Rosenberg, and comprised five original tales 
all written by Milton Subotsky.
Released by Fox in 1973, the film featured Tom Baker (pictured as 
Moore in the fifth segment, Drawn 
and Quartered) and thirteen other
 Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Anna Massey (Donna) voiced Miss Pollard for Big Finish's The Girl Who Never Was (2007)
  • Erik Chitty (Waiter) was Charles Preslin in The Massacre: War of God, and Co-ordinator Engin in The Deadly Assassin
  • Terence Alexander (Breedley) was Lord Ravensworth in The Mark of the Rani
  • John Witty (Gaskill) was the Computer Voice for The Seeds of Death
  • Michael Craig (Maitland) was Commodore Travers in Terror of the Vervoids
  • Sylvia Marriott (Mrs. Breedley) was Lexa's Follower in Meglos
  • Tony Wall (Painter) was Napoleon Bonaparte in The Reign of Terror: Prisoners of Conciergerie
  • Roy Evans (Passerby) was Trantis in The Daleks' Master Plan, Bert in The Green Death, and a Miner in The Monster of Peladon
  • George A Cooper (deleted scenes) was Cherub in The Smugglers
  • Anthony Lang (Vampire) was an Egyptian Slave in (episodes 9 and 10 of) The Daleks' Master Plan, an Extra in The Highlanders (1) and The Faceless Ones (1), a Time Lord in The Three Doctors (1), and a Kaled Councillor in Genesis of the Daleks (1 and 3)
  • Oswald Hafenrichter was film editor on Dr. Who and the Daleks too
  • Anthony Waye (assistant director) and Bill Waldron (construction manager) held those posts on both Daleks films

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