Saturday, 22 October 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Sergeant

The series of low-budget British comedy features, the famous Carry On films, 
began in 1958 with Carry On Sergeant, which was shown again on Channel 5
Based on the play, The Bull Boys, by English novelist RF Delderfield, Sergeant
was not intended to launch a franchise, but due to it's box-office success,
another project, Carry On Nurse, followed a year later. A further twenty-seven
films were released over the next twenty years, and a final title, Carry On Columbus was produced in 1992.
The cast here was led by William Hartnell (pictured, as the titular Sergeant Grimshawe - he was joined here by his co-stars from Granada's The Army 
Game, Charles Hawtrey and Norman Rossington), and featured Hattie Jacques,
Bob Monkhouse, Shirley Eaton, Bill Owen, and nine other future Doctor Who 
guest actors:

  • Gerald Campion (Calloway) played Wilkin the Porter in Shada
  • Martin Boddey (Specialist here; Perkins in Carry On Nurse) was Walker in The Sea Devils
  • and all as Recruits were - Bernard Kay was Carl Tyler in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Saladin in The Crusade, Inspector Crossland in The Faceless Ones, and Caldwell in Colony in Space, then voicd Major Dickens for Big Finish's Night Thoughts (2006)
  • Leon Eagles was Jabel in The Face of Evil
  • Derek Martinus became a TV director in 1962, and later helmed the classic era serials, Galaxy 4Mission to the UnknownThe Tenth PlanetThe Evil of the DaleksThe Ice Warriors and Spearhead from Space
  • Ivor Danvers voiced Marr for Nekromanteia (BF, 2003), and John Dee for A Storm of Angels (2005)
  • Don McCorkindale voiced Porthintus for The Wreck of the World (2017)
  • Norman Huntley was Ulf in The Time Meddler, and Sergeant Peters in The Invasion 
  • Reg Thomason (Soldier here; Porter in Carry On Nurse; Operator in Carry On Constable; Passenger in Carry On Cruising; Officer in Carry On Jack; Citizen in Carry On Cleo; Patron in Carry On Cowboy; Guest in Carry On Loving; Councillor in Carry On Girls; Audience in Carry On Behind) was a Resistance Man in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
Later Carry On films starred Jon Pertwee (4 appearances), and series regulars
 also with Doctor Who connections are Joan Sims (24), Peter Butterworth (16), Bernard Bresslaw (14), Peter Gilmore (11), Julian Holloway, Billy Cornelius (8
each), Gertan Klauber (7), Derek Francis (6), Victor Maddern (5), June Whitfield, Angela Douglas (4 each), Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Cope (3 each), as well as Windsor Davies, Roy Castle, Francis De Wolff, Maureen Lipman, Nigel Planer,
Alexei Sayle, Martin Boddey, Wanda Ventham, Beryl Reid, Ray Brooks, Jeremy Bulloch, Sheila Hancock, Tutte Lemkow, William Mervyn, George Layton and
many others.

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