Saturday, 15 October 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Whitechapel, Series 3

Carnival Films' dark and gritty crime drama returned to ITV1 for a third season in the
 winter of 2012. Now extended to six episodes (three two-parters), and again written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip, the show's cast was
again headed by former Spooks actor Rupert Penry-Jones as DI Joe Chandler (pictured
centre). Also reprising their regular roles
were former Doctor Who guest stars Phil
Davis (DS Ray Miles, left), Steve Pemberton (Edward Buchan, right), Claire Rushbrook
(Dr. Caroline Llewellyn), and Sam Stockman
(DC Emerson Kent). Actress Hannah Walters
joined the programme as new DC Megan
Riley. The recurring motif of Whitechapel -
the recreation of historic East End crimes
(again researched here by fictional Ripperologist, Buchan) - now centred on the famous Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811,
the Thames Torso mysteries of Victorian
London (1873/74 and 1887-89), and even
the urban legend of the 'bogeyman'. Previous series dramatised (with varying success) both a modern-day Jack the Ripper, and then new Kray twins.
Another repeat run of season three began on ITV Encore last night, and featured 
Endeavour actor Shaun Evans, and twenty-nine Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

'Case One' (UK TX: January 30 & February 6)
  • Christina Chong (Lizzie Pepper) played Lorna Bucket in A Good Man Goes to War
  • Ben Bishop (DC Mansell) voiced Stone for Big Finish's The Justice of Jalxar (2013)
  • Mona Hammond (Voodoo Lady) was Rita Anne in Rise of the Cybermen
  • David Schneider (Salter) voiced Ernst Bratfisch for The Silver Turk (BF, 2011)
  • Ben Smith (Wilke) was Luke in School Reunion
  • Nina Toussaint-White (Tish) was Mels in Let's Kill Hitler
  • Richard Cordery (Collier) voiced Professor Rinxo Jabbery for Plague of the Daleks (BF, 2009) and Sam for A Town Called Fortune (BF, 2010)
  • Simon Manyonda (Pinchin) was Kabel in Face the Raven
  • Sheena Bhattessa (Preeti) voiced Annie for And You Will Obey Me (BF, 2016)
  • Justin Avoth (Hipster) voiced Mikhail for The New Counter Measures: Who Killed Toby Kinsella? (BF, 2016)
  • former script writer John Flanagan (Landlord) wrote Meglos
  • Lindsay Grant was also script supervisor on A Good Man Goes to WarDinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy
  • film editor Anthony Combes edited The Wedding of River Song too
  • David Mason was also line producer on The Impossible AstronautDay of the Moon and The Angels Take Manhattan
  • Simon Fitzpatrick (dialogue editor) began his career as the sound FX editor on the Destiny of the Doctors video game
  • John Cooling was stand-by rigger on Turn Left too
'Case Two' (UK TX: February 13 & 20)
  • Richard Clark also directed Gridlock, The Lazarus ExperimentThe Doctor's Wife and Night Terrors
  • Paul Chequer (Merceron) voiced a Servo Robot for Serpent Crest: Tsar Wars (AudioGo, 2011)
  • Camilla Power (DI Norroy) voiced Councillor Kostal for The Valley of Death (BF, 2011), Perditia for Psychodrome (BF, 2014), and Mademoiselle for Dark Eyes 4: The Monster of Montmarte (BF, 2015)
  • Pip Torrens (Underwood) was Headmaster Rocastle for Human Nature and The Family of Blood
  • Deirdre Mullins (Heather) voiced Fleet Admiral Effenish for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield 3: The Unbound Universe (BF, 2016)
  • Stephanie Carey was also a stunt performer on Voyage of the DamnedThe Beast BelowThe Curse of the Black SpotLet's Kill Hitler and The Girl Who Waited
'Case Three' (UK TX: February 27 & March 5)
  • Holli Dempsey (Elsa) was Kelly in Closing Time
  • Victoria Alcock (Cindy) was Angela in Planet of the Dead, and voiced Marion for Power Play (BF, 2012)
  • Alistair Petrie (Dr. Mortlake) voiced Major Harris for Criss-Cross (BF, 2015), Julius Caesar for The Churchill Years (BF, 2016), and John for Dethras (BF, 2017)
  • Kieran Bew (Driffield) voiced Arthur Kettleson for The Lady of Mercia (BF, 2013), and was Ivan in Oxygen
  • Owen McPolin was also the cinematographer on The Eleventh Hour, The Doctor's Wife, Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex
  • series SFX make-up artist Paul McGuinness was Drathro in The Mysterious Planet
  • series props master Garry Dawson worked on stand-by props on Cold War and The Crimson Horror

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