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Doctor Who On This Day #317

1965 - The Keys of MarinusEpisode 3: The Screaming Jungle and Planet 
of GiantsEpisodes 1 and 2 all repeated on ABC
1966 - The Power of the Daleks, Episode 2 first screened on BBC1
1974 The Curse of PeladonEpisode 2, The Sea Devils, Episode 4, The Mutants, Episode 4, The Time Monster, Episode 1 and The Three Doctors, Episode 2 all 
repeated on ABC
1977 - Image of the Fendahl, Part 3 first screened on BBC1
1981 - The Krotons, Episode 4 repeated on BBC2; and Full Circle, Part 2 
repeated on KQED Plus
1982 The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 5 repeated on KQED Plus
1983 MeglosPart 4 repeated on KQED Plus
1985 The Seeds of Doom, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1986 Terror of the Zygons, Part 3 repeated on ABC; and Revelation of the 
Daleks, Part 2 (of 4) repeated on KQED Plus
1987 - Planet of Evil, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1988 Spearhead from Space, Episode 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1989 The Time Monster Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1990 -The Curse of FenricPart 3 first screened on ABC
1991 - The Horns of Nimon, Part 1 repeated on ABC; and The Two Doctors
Part 2 (of 6) both repeated on KQED Plus
1992 The Aztecs, Episode 3: The Bride of Sacrifice repeated on UK Gold
1993 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Episode 5: The Waking Ally repeated on 
UK Gold; and Planet of the Daleks, Episode 2 repeated and The Antiques 
Doctor Who Show first screened, both on BBC1
1994 Four to Doomsday Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1995 The Masque of Mandragora Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
1996 The Mind Robber, Episode 2 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1997 The Keys of Marinus, Episode 5: Sentence of Death first screened on 
Space; and Destiny of the Daleks, Part 2 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1998 The Keys of Marinus, Episode 6 repeated on Space; and The Invasion 
of Time, Part 6 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1999 The Daleks, Episode 7: The Rescue repeated on Space; The Ambassadors
of Death, Episodes 2 and 3 both first screened on TG4; and Genesis of the Daleks,
Part 1 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2000 Colony in Space, Episode 5 repeated on Prime; The Mutants Omnibus
repeated on UK Gold; The Seeds of Doom, Part 5 repeated on KUED; The Hand 
of Fear, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on KBTC; The Robots of Death, Parts 2
and 3 both repeated on WCET; The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Parts 3 and 4 both
repeated on NHPTV; The Sun Makers, Part 4 repeated on Lakeshore PTV; Image of the FendahlPart 3 repeated on Twin Cities PTV; The Armageddon Factor
Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Colorado PTV; The Visitation, Parts 1 and 2
both repeated on MiND; and Vengeance on Varos Omnibus repeated on MPT
2001 - The Claws of Axos, Episodes 2 and 3 both repeated on KQED Plus; and 
Resurrection of the Daleks, Part 1 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2002 - The Keeper of TrakenPart 2 repeated on BBC Kids (Canada)
2003 The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Episode 3: Day of Reckoning repeated on
ABC; The Pirate PlanetParts 1 and 2 both repeated on BBC Kids (Canada); 
and The Horns of Nimon, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on UK Gold
2005 The Awakening Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; Rose repeated on France
4 and Jimmy; The End of the World repeated on France 4; The Unquiet Dead first screened on France 4 and repeated on UK Gold; Aliens of London first screened
on France 4; and Invaders from Mars, Episode 3 first broadcast on Radio 7
2006 The Time Monster Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; Father's Day repeated
on UKTV (Aus) and Jimmy; and The Doctor Dances first screened on YLE TV2
2007 Boom Town and Doctor Who Confidential: Unsung Heroes and Violent Death both repeated on WUFT
2008 - The Horns of Nimon, Part 4 and The Leisure Hive, Part 1 both first screened on MTV3 SciFi
2009 - The Christmas Invasion repeated on Syfy (Spain); and The Lazarus Experiment repeated and Greatest Moments: Martha first screened, both on
2010 - Last of the Time Lords and Doctor Who Confidential: The Valiant Quest 
both repeated on BBC3; and The Fires of Pompeii repeated on Space
2011 Dalek repeated on Watch; The Family of Blood repeated on Space;
The Waters of Mars repeated on UKTV (Aus); and Flesh and Stone repeated
on Boing (Spain)
2012 The Green Death, Episodes 5 and 6 both repeated on Syfy (Aus); and
The Whispering Forest, Episode 1 repeated on Radio 4 Extra
2013 Spearhead from Space Omnibus, Dalek, The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor all repeated on Watch; Destiny of the Daleks, Part 1 and 2 both repeated
on Syfy (Aus); The Idiot's Lantern repeated on UKTV (Aus); Evolution of the 
Daleks repeated on BBC America; The Unicorn and the Wasp and Dinosaurs on 
a Spaceship both repeated on Syfy (Portugal); Victory of the DaleksDoctor Who Confidential: War Games and Eyes Wide Open all repeated on BBC Nordic HD and
BBC Polska HD; The Time of Angels repeated on BBC Nordic HD, BBC Polska HD
and BBC Entertainment Latin America; Vincent and the Doctor repeated on BBC Nordic; The Rebel Flesh repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; The Almost People repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific and France 4; A Town Called Mercy repeated on Really Scary TV; The Snowmen repeated on ABC2; The 
Crimson Horror repeated on Ztélé; An Adventure in Space and Time first
screened at BFI Southbank; and The Best of the Companions repeated on
2014 - The Keeper of Traken, Parts 1 and 2 both first screened on Horror; Kinda,
Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Syfy (Aus); The Lazarus Experiment repeated on
BBC America and Watch; 42 repeated on Watch; Human Nature and The Family 
of Blood both repeated on BBC America; Blink repeated on UKTV (NZ); Journey's 
End repeated on KCPT2; The Almost People repeated on KLRU; The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe repeated on YLE TV2; The Crimson Horror repeated on Really Scary TV; and Dark Water and Death In Heaven both repeated on Fox (Germany)

2015 The Green Death, Episodes 1 and 2 both repeated on Horror; Death to
 the Daleks, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Retro TV; The Brain of Morbius, Part
 4, Castrovalva, Part 2 and Gridlock all repeated on Syfy (Aus); Utopia repeated 
on TV Cultura; The Fires of Pompeii and Doctor Who Confidential: The Italian 
Job both repeated on UNC-MX; Silence in the Library repeated on BBC America;
 Forest of the Dead repeated on BBC America and BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; 
Midnight repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; The Power of Three and 
The Angels Take Manhattan both repeated on BBC Nordic HD and BBC Polska 
HD; Cold War repeated on Syfy (Portugal); Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood 
and Listen all repeated on Fox (Germany); Time Heist repeated on KCPT2 and 
Fox; and The Caretaker repeated on WTTW Prime
2016 The Power of the Daleks Omnibus screened at cinemas (Aus/NZ); Planet 
of Evil, Parts 2 and 3 and Silver Nemesis, Parts 2 and 3 all repeated on Retro TV;
Love & Monsters, Fear Her, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday and The Runaway Bride all repeated on BBC Polska HD; The Family of Blood, Blink, Utopia and The Sound
of Drums all repeated on Syfy (Aus); The Eleventh Hour repeated on Syfy (Latin America); The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, Cold 
Blood and Vincent and the Doctor all repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific;
Amy's Choice and The Hungry Earth both repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia 
Pacific and Syfy (Latin America); A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut,
 Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor's Wife all repeated on Syfy (Brazil); The Almost People repeated on The Zone; The Girl Who Waited 
repeated on Watch; The Time of the Doctor repeated on RAI4; Kill the Moon and
Mummy on the Orient Express both repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe; and
Class, Episode 3 first screened on TLC TV and Episode 5 released on BBC3, BBC 
First (Middle East) and BBC First (Singapore)

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