Sunday, 20 November 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Luther, Series 2

Idris Elba returned as the titular detective, John 
Luther for the second season of BBC One's dark,
psychological crime drama, first shown in the 
summer of 2011.
The four-part series, which began another repeat
run on W (formerly the Watch channel) last night
(and was recently shown on Alibi), earned a RTS 
Best Drama award for creator/writer Neil Cross
and Elba won Golden Globe award for Best Actor. 
Cross later penned both The Rings of Akhaten and 
Ruth Wilson, Dermot Crowley and Paul McGann 
reprised their respective roles (as Alice Morgan,
DSU Martin Schenk and Mark North), and were
 joined here by Aimee Ffion-Edwards (as Jenny 
Jones) and nine other Doctor Who cast and crew 

  • for other series regulars Warren Brown (DS Justin Ripley) and Michael Smiley (Benny Silver) see my first Luther blog
  • Big Finish artist John Albasiny (Kolchak) voiced both Lev Tolstoy and Preston for The Angel of Scutari (2009), Major Maxim Felnikov for Thin Ice (2011), Colonel Felnikov for Crime of the Century, Chris Fleming for Phantoms of the Deep (both 2013), and Jesper for Equilibrium (2015)
  • Pam Ferris (Baba) voiced Lizzie Corrigan for The Eternal Summer (BF, 2009)
  • Lee Ingleby (Cameron Pell) voiced Samson Griffin for Terror Firma (BF, 2005)
  • Steven Robertson (Millberry) was Pritchard in Under the Lake and Before the Flood
  • Ellie Haddington (DCS Carroway) was Professor Docherty in Last of the Time Lords
  • Nick Foley was the ADR mixer on The Snowmen too
  • production sound mixer Brian Milliken was sound recordist on The Sontaran StratagemThe Poison Sky and The Sarah Jane Adventures

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