Thursday, 24 November 2016

Doctor Who Vs. My Week With Marilyn

This BBC Films production was based
on the 1995 memoir from English
writer and film-maker Colin Clark,
The Prince, the Showgirl and Me.
Clark (played here by future Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne) got his big break in the film industry when acting
legend Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) was directing The Prince and the Showgirl with his co-star, Marilyn Monroe.
Released in 2011, the film focused
on the week in 1957 in which newly-married Marilyn was escorted around Pinewood Studios and London by Clark after her husband (American playwright Arthur Miller) left England. Marilyn (born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926) completed three further features, including her biggest hit Some Like It Hot, and died of an apparent suicide in 1962.
Michelle Williams' portrayal of Monroe was nominated for Oscar and BAFTA
Best Actress awards, and she won a Golden Globe award. 
Shown on BBC Four last night, the star-studded film also featured Julia
Ormond (as Viivien Leigh), Emma Watson (Lucy), Judi Dench (Dame Sybil),
Derek Jacobi and seventeen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Dougray Scott (Miller) was Professor Alec Palmer in Hide
  • prolific Big Finish actress Miranda Raison (Vanessa) was Tallulah in Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks, then voiced Lareen for The Davros Mission (2007), both Tess Pilkelton and Myra Selfridges for The Wreck of the Titan (2010), both the Shepherdess and Acquisitor for Persuasion (2013), both Margo and Xais for The Romance of Crime, Constance Clarke for The Last Adventure: The End of the Line, Criss-Cross, Planet of the Rani, Shield of the Jotunn (all 2015), Order of the Daleks, Absolute Power and Quicksilver, and Inspector Fleur McCormick for The Trouble With Drax (all 2016)
  • Toby Jones (Jacobs) was the Dream Lord in Amy's Choice, and voiced Kotris for Dark Eyes (2012)
  • Pip Torrens (Clark) and Gerard Horan (Trevor) both appeared in Human Nature and The Family of Blood, as Headmaster Rocastle and Mr. Clark respectively - Torrens also voiced Charlie Gibbs for Eldrad Must Die! (2013)
  • Robert Portal (Orton) voiced Marshal Ney for The Curse of Davros (2012), and Reggie for The Auntie Matter (2013)
  • Philip Jackson (Smith) voiced Laxton for Valhalla (2007), and Mr. Peabody for The Contingency Club (2016)
  • Zoe Wanamaker (Paula) was Lady Cassandra in The End of the World and New Earth
  • Jem Wall (Spectator) was Michael in The Lodger
  • Big Finish actor Alex Lowe (Coop) voiced Brigadier-General Bartholomew Kitchen for The Angel of Scutari (2009), Huxley for The Companion Chronicles releases Ringpullworld (2009) and Find and Replace (2010), Axel for The Song of Megaptera, Professor August Corbin for Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge (both 2010), both Sergeant Mezz and Trooper Nold for Heroes of Sontar (2011), Damien Stephens and Roboman for Energy of the Daleks (2012), and Soren for Time Reaver (2016)
  • Michael Hobbs (Reporter) voiced Fazackerly for Other Lives (2005), and Francis Currie for the UNIT series
  • Jim Carter (Barry) voiced Brother Bernard in The Book of Kells (2010)
  • Victor McGuire (Andy)
  • Des McAleer (Policeman) voiced Lefty Lonnigan for A Life of Crime (2016)
  • co-producer and former actor Mark Cooper was one of the titular Robots of Death
  • Adam Recht was film editor on A Christmas Carol too
  • hair and make-up designer Jenny Shircore began her TV career as an assistant on Planet of Evil
  • Richard Glass was an optician on The Time of the Doctor too

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