Sunday, 13 November 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Wycliffe, Series 5

Leeds-born actor Jack Shepherd returned as WJ Burley's
Cornish detective for the fifth and final season of HTV's
popular crime drama, and was again joined by Jimmy Yuill, 
Helen Masters (as Inspectors Kersey and Lane), Tim Wylton (Franks), Michael Attwell (DCC Stevens), Charlie Hayes
(Ruth) and Lynne Farleigh (as Helen). Shepherd also
directed two episodes.
The six-part series (all original screenplays and first
broadcast in the spring of 1998) began another repeat
run on ITV3 last night, and featured fifteen Doctor Who 
cast and crew connections:

On Offer (UK TX: May 17)
  • Sally Faulkner (Sian) played Isobel Watkins (pictured) in The Invasion, and voiced Miss Tremayne for Big Finish's Winter for the Adept (2000)
  • John Abbott (Farthing) was Vince Hawkins in Horror of Fang Rock
  • John Joyce (Hardie) was Garvin in The Daemons
  • Glenn Marks (Oaksey) was the stunt co-ordinator on Human NatureThe Family of Blood and Blink
  • third assistant director Steffan Morris was second assistant on thirty-four stories (from Rose to Let's Kill Hitler and Torchwood)
Time Out (UK TX: May 24)
  • Gerard Horan (DS Caplin) was Mr. Clark/Father of Mine in The Family of Blood two-parter
  • John Flanagan (Lassiter) scripted Meglos with Andrew McCulloch
Standing Stone (UK TX: May 31)
  • Ralph Watson (Combes) was the Generator Scientist in The Underwater Menace, Captain Knight in The Web of Fear, Ettis in The Monster of Peladon, and Ben Travers in Horror of Fang Rock
  • Helen Griffin (Jenny) was Mrs. Moore in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel, then voiced Director Cardell for Cobwebs (BF, 2010)
Feeding the Rat (UK TX: June 7)
  • Chris Jury (Penwarren) was Deadbeat in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Scope (UK TX: June 21)
    • Donald Pickering (Cook) was Eyesen in The Keys of Marinus, Blade in The Faceless Ones, and Beyus in Time and the Rani
    Land's End (UK TX: July 5)
    • Brian Croucher (DS Healey) was Borg in The Robots of Death, and Kurt in the spin-off video drama, Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans
    • John Castle (Selby) voiced Edmund Trevithick for Nightshade (BF, 2016)
    • Albert Welling (Technician) was the Fuhrer in Let's Kill Hitler
    • Gareth Skelding was also the location manager on forty-four adventures (from The Christmas Invasion to The Big Bang), and Torchwood: Miracle Day

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