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Doctor Who Vs. The Avengers, Series 5A

This cult British fantasy show returned to both the 
British (ITV) and American (ABC) networks at the 
start of 1967, and again starred Patrick McNee and 
Diana Rigg as spies John Steed and Emma Peel.
Produced by Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell, the programme (now filmed in colour), and Rigg were 
all later nominated for Emmy awards.
Another repeat run of the show's fifth production
block (which consisted of sixteen stories) began on
the True Entertainment channel last night - it featured
Jon Pertwee (pictured as Brigadier Whitehead in the opening story) and fifty-seven other Doctor Who cast connections: 

From Venus With Love (UK [London] TX: January 
13 1967 & US [New York] TX: January 20 1967)
  • Arthur Cox (Clarke) was Cully in The Dominatorsand then returned to the show 42 years later as Mr. Henderson in The Eleventh Hour
  • Michael Lynch (Hadley) was Spencer in (episode 5 of) The War Games, and a Thal Politician in Genesis of the Daleks
  • for Kenneth Benda (Mansford) see Series 4: A Sense of History
  • for Billy Cornelius (Martin here, Executioner in part 3, and Poppy in Who's Who???) see Series 4: The Gravediggers
    The Fear Merchants (UK TX: January 20 & US TX: January 27)
      • director Gordon Flemyng (here and on The Winged Avenger) also helmed the two Dalek films
      • Andrew Keir (Crawley) was Wyler in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
      • Edward Burnham (Meadows) was Professors, Watkins in The Invasion, and Kettlewell, in Robot
      • Declan Mulholland (Saunders) was Clark in (the first two episodes of) The Sea Devils, and Till in The Androids of Tara
      • for Bernard Horsfall (Fox) and Rocky Taylor (Man here, and Mitchell in the next episode) see the Series 4 episodes, The Cybernauts and The Town of No Return
      Escape In Time (UK TX: January 27 & US TX: February 10)
      • for Peter Bowles (Thyssen) see Series 3: Second Sight
      • for Geoffrey Bayldon (Clapham) see Series 1: The Deadly Air
      • Nicholas Smith (Parker) was Wells in The Dalek Invasion of Earth
      • Edward Caddick (Sweeney) was Wylda in The Savages
      • Clifford Earl (Paxton) was the Sergeant in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven, and Major Branwell in The Invasion (episodes 7 and 8)
      The See-Through Man (UK & US TX: February 3)
      • John Nettleton (Ford) was Reverend Ernest Matthews in Ghost Light
      The Bird Who Knew Too Much
      (UK TX: February 10 & US TX: March 10)
      • for Ron Moody (Jordan) and Alan Chuntz (Guard here, and Selby in Never, Never Say Die) see the Series 4 episodes Honey For The Prince and The Gravediggers respectively
      • for Ilona Rodgers (Samantha) see Series 2: Six Hands Across A Table
      • Kenneth Cope (Savage) was Packard in Warriors' Gate
      • Michael Coles (Verret) was Ganatus in Dr. Who and the Daleks
      • John Lee (Pearson) was Alydon in The Daleks
      • Peter Brace (Danvers here; Opponent in The Correct Way to Die; and Potterton in The New Avengers: Target!) was a Guard in The Curse of Peladon (4), and a Soldier in The Android Invasion (2)
      The Winged Avenger (UK & US TX: February 17)
      • for Neil Hallett (Packer) see Series 1: Dead of Winter
      • for Colin Jeavons (Stanton) see Series 4: A Touch of Brimstone
      • Donald Pickering (Roberts) was Eyesen in The Keys of Marinus, Blade in The Faceless Ones, and Beyus in Time and the Rani
      The Living Dead (UK TX: February 24 & US TX: March 3)
      • for Julian Glover (Masgard), Edward Underdown (Staplow) and Vernon Dobtcheff (Spencer) see Series 4 episodes, Two's A CrowdThe Murder Market and Room Without A View respectively
      • Pamela Ann Davy (Mandy) and Malcolm Taylor (Miner) had both also appeared in Series 2: Mission to Montreal
      • Jack Woolgar (Kermit) was Sergeant Arnold in The Web of Fear
      • for John Cater (Olliphant) see Series 3: The Nutshell
      The Hidden Tiger (UK TX: March 3 & US TX: March 17)
      • Frederick Treves (Dawson) was Brotadac in Meglos
      • for Reg Pritchard (Bellamy) see Series 4: Honey for the Prince
      • Gabrielle Drake (Angora here; Penny in The New Avengers: Dead Men Are Dangerous) was considered for the role of Victoria Waterfield
      The Correct Way to Kill (UK TX: March 10 & US TX: March 24)
        • for Michael Gough (Nutski) and Alf Joint (Opponent) see the Series 4 episodes, The Cybernauts and A Touch of Brimstone
        • for Philip Madoc (Pepitoparoff) see the Series 2 episodes, The Decapod and Six Hands Across a Table
        • for Terence Alexander (Ponsonby-Frythe) see Series 4: The Town of No Return
        • for Peter Barkworth (Percival) see Series 1: Kill The King
        • Graham Armitage (Wynche) was Barney in (part 1 of ) The Macra Terror
        • Timothy Bateson (Merryweather) was Binro in The Ribos Operation
        Never, Never Say Die (UK TX: March 17 & US TX: March 31)
        • Jeremy Young (Penrose), Jon Laurimore (Guard) and Christopher Benjamin (Whittle) all starred in these respective Series 4 stories:  A Touch of BrimstoneHoney for the Prince and How to Succeed.. at Murder
        Epic (UK TX: March 31 & US TX: April 14)
        • Peter Wyngarde (Kirby) also starred in A Touch of Brimstone
        The Superlative Seven (UK TX: April 7 & US TX: April 21)
        • Brian Blessed (Dayton) was King Yrcanos in Mindwarp
        • for Royston Farrell (Fighter) see Series 4: The Hour That Never Was
        • for James Maxwell (Wade) see Series 3: The Outside-In Man
        • for John Hollis (Kanwitch) see Series 2: Warlock
        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station 
        (UK TX: April 14 & US TX: April 28)
        • Isla Blair (Bride) was Lady Isabella in The King's Demons, and voiced Paula for Exotron (BF, 2007)
        Something Nasty in the Nursery (UK TX: April 21 & US TX: May 5)
        • Trevor Bannister (Gordon) voiced Korbin Thessinger for Nocturne (BF, 2007)
        • Dennis Chinnery (Dobson) was Albert C. Richardson in The Chase: Flight Through Eternity, Gharman in Genesis of the Daleks, and Professor Sylvest in (part 1 of) The Twin Dilemma
        • for Patrick Newell (Collins) see Series 4: The Town of No Return
        The Joker (UK TX: April 28 & US TX: May 12)
        • for Peter Jeffrey (Prendergast) see Series 4: Room Without a View
        Who's Who??? (UK TX: May 5 & US TX: May 19)
        • for Campbell Singer (Major) and Malcolm Taylor (Hooper) see Series 2 episodes, Six Hands Across a Table and Mission to Montreal

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