Sunday, 11 December 2016

Doctor Who Vs. Paddington

Prolific English author Thomas Michael Bond 
(born 1926) based his best known creation 
on a lone teddy bear he saw on a shelf in a store near Paddington Station on Christmas Eve 1956, which he then bought for his wife. 
The bear inspired Bond to pen a story, and 
in ten days he had written his first childrens book which he gave to his agent. A Bear Called Paddington was published in 1958.
The series of seventy Paddington Brown 
titles followed, and have since been adapted for the stage (in 1974), television (1975, 
1989 and 1997), and most recently cinema.
An Anglo-French co-production (first announced in 2007), produced by David Heyman (Harry Potter), was released in late 2014. The marmalade loving bear from Peru was now voiced by Ben Whishaw (Skyfall
who replaced Colin Firth. Hugh Grant stars 
in a sequel, planned for 2017.
Shown tonight on Channel 4, the film 
starred Peter Capaldi (as Mr. Curry), Matt Lucas (Joe),  Nicole Kidman (Millicent), Julie Walters (Mrs. Bird) and fifteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Hugh Bonneville (Mr. Brown) was Captain Henry Avery in The Curse of the Black Spot (then briefly in A Good Man Goes to War and The Wedding of River Song)
  • Geoffrey Palmer (Geographer) was Edward Masters in The Silurians, the Administrator in (part one of) The Mutants, and Captain Hardaker in Voyage of the Damned
  • Imelda Staunton (Aunt Lucy) provided the voice of the Interface for The Girl Who Waited
  • Michael Gambon (Uncle Pastuzo) portrayed both Elliot and Kazran Sardick in A Christmas Carol
  • Kayvan Novak (Grant) provided the voice of Handles for The Time of the Doctor
  • Jim Broadbent (Mr. Gruber) has actually played the Doctor twice - in the Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV sketch, Terror of the Ming Mongs (1987) and The Curse of Fatal Death in 1999
  • Matt King (Andre) was Peter Streete in The Shakespeare Code
  • David McKail and James Bachman (Geographers) were Sergeant Kyle in The Talons of Weng Chiang, and Hugh Bainbridge for Big Finish's Situation Vacant (2010)
  • stuntmen Paul Heasman, Lee Sheward, Nic Goodey, Steve Griffin, Rob Hunt and Andy Piers Morris all worked on the classic and revived runs

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