Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Doctor Who Vs. The Witness For The Prosecution

Sarah Phelps followed last year's version
of And Then There Were None with a
new festive Agatha Christie thriller.
The Witness for the Prosecution began
life as a short story, published as Traitor Hands by Flynn's Weekly in 1925.
The courtroom drama was first adapted
for radio in 1949, then was dramatised
for the London stage in late 1953.
During its run, Christie also had two
other plays staged, making her the
only female playwright to have three
productions performed simultaneously
in the West End.
The play was soon adapted for cinema
in 1957, starring Charles Laughton,
Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power.
The original story has now garnered
four treatments for television - previous serials appeared in 1949 (BBC), 1953 (CBS), 1982 (Hallmark).
Christie aficionado Kim Cattrall contacted Mammoth Screen when BBC One
announced plans for the newest version, and was consequently cast as
Emily French.
The two-part mystery concluded on BBC One last night - it featured Andrea
Riseborough (as Romaine), Billy Howle (Leonard Vole), and nine Doctor 
Who cast and crew connections:

  • Toby Jones (Mayhew) was the Dream Lord in Amy's Choice, and voiced renegade Time Lord Kotris for Big Finish's Dark Eyes (2012)
  • David Haig (Carter) was Pangol in The Leisure Hive
  • Tim McMullan (Meredith KC) voiced Octavian for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, 2016)
  • Charles De'Ath (Deveraux) was Adelaide's Father in The Waters of Mars
  • Andrew Havill (Starling) was the Chief Steward in Voyage of the Damned, and voiced both Aleister Portillon and Squire Claude for The Witch From the Well (BF, 2011)
  • executive producer Damian Timmer made a cameo appearance in An Adventure in Space and Time as a Menoptera
  • SFX supervisor Scott McIntyre was the armourer on The Day of the Doctor
  • Julius Ogden (first assistant camera) was focus puller on nine stories (from Closing Time to the 50th Anniversary special)
  • Joe Russell was also a camera operator on thirty-seven episodes (from Blink to the Anniversary special)

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