Saturday, 28 January 2017

Doctor Who On This Day #28

1966 - The Sensorites, Episode 3: Hidden Danger and The Romans, Episodes
1 and 2 all repeated on ABC
1967 - The Underwater Menace, Episode 3 first screened on BBC1
1970 The Ice Warriors, Episode 4 repeated on ABC
1971 - The Invasion, Episodes 7 and 8 both repeated on ABC
1975 Planet of the Daleks, Episode 5 repeated on ABC
1978 - Underworld, Part 4 first screened on BBC1 
1982 - The Seeds of Doom, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1983 - The Power of Kroll, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1984 Mawdryn Undead, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1986 - The Invasion of Time, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus; and Revelation 
of the Daleks, Part 4 (of 4) first screened on ABC
1987 The Space Museum, Episode 3: The Search repeated on KQED Plus; 
and The Sontaran Experiment, Part 2 repeated on TV1 (NZ)
1988 Image of the Fendahl, Part 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1989 Colony in Space, Episode 6 repeated on KQED Plus
1990 Robot Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1992 - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1993 The Seeds of Death, Episode 4 repeated on UK Gold
1994 The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 4 repeated on UK Gold
1995 Enlightenment Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1996 The Invasion of Time Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
1997 Colony in Space, Episode 3 repeated on UKTV (Aus); and The Ghosts 
of N-Space, Episode 6 repeated on Radio 2
1998 - The War Machines, Episode 1 first screened on Space; and Castrovalva,
Part 4 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1999 - The War Machines, Episode 1 repeated on Space; and Planet of Fire
Part 1 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2000 - The Edge of Destruction repeated on UKTV (Aus); and The Mind Robber, Episode 3 repeated on Space
2001 Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part 4 repeated on Prime; Planet of the 
Spiders Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; The Sontaran Experiment, Part 2
repeated on WILL; The Hand of Fear, Part 3 repeated on KUED; Horror of Fang Rock, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on KBTC; The Invisible Enemy, Part 4
repeated on WCET and Lakeshore PTV; Image of the Fendahl, Part 1 repeated 
on WCET; The Invasion of Time, Part 3 repeated on Twin Cities PTV; The 
Androids of TaraParts 1 and 2 both repeated on WQED; Nightmare of Eden 
Omnibus repeated on Colorado PTV; The Visitation, Parts 1 and 2 both
repeated on MiND; Paradise Towers Omnibus repeated on MPT; and Delta 
and the Bannermen, Part 2 repeated on WUSF
2002 The Sea Devils, Episodes 3 and 4 both repeated on KQED Plus
2003 Revenge of the Cybermen, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on BBC Kids 
2004 - The War Machines, Episode 1 repeated on ABC; and The Deadly 
Assassin, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on BBC Kids (Can)
2006 The Mysterious Planet Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; The End of the World repeated on People+ Arts and Yes Action; The Unquiet Dead repeated
on Yes Action; Father's Day first screened on één; and Bad Wolf repeated on
2007 - Frontier in Space Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; Rise of the Cybermen 
first screened on Jimmy; The Runaway Bride repeated on BBC3; and Phobos
first broadcast on BBC7
2009 Vengeance on Varos, Part 2 repeated on MTV3 SciFi; and The Next Doctor repeated on BBC3 
2010 - Rose repeated on Syfy (Spain); The Long Game repeated on HRT2;
The Empty Child repeated on Syfy (Germany); and The Doctor Dances 
repeated on Syfy (Russia)
2011 - The End of the World repeated on AXN SciFi (Pol); The Doctor Dances
and Boom Town both repeated on Syfy (Germany); Smith and Jones repeated
on Space; The Unicorn and the Wasp repeated on Syfy (Benelux); Forest of the Dead repeated on UKTV (Aus); and The Vampires of Venice and Doctor Who Confidential: Death in Venice both repeated on BBC3
2012 - New Earth and Tooth and Claw both repeated on BBC3; Planet of the 
Ood, The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky all repeated on BBC America; 
and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Oods and Ends and Arthurian Legend 
both repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2013 The Aztecs Omnibus and Blink both repeated and The Doctors Revisited: 
The First Doctor first screened, all on BBC America; Rise of the Cybermen 
repeated on UKTV (NZ); Doomsday repeated on Watch; and Night Terrors 
repeated on WPT
2014 The Brain of Morbius, Parts 3 and 4 and Terminus, Parts 1 and 2 all 
repeated on Syfy (Aus); Love & Monsters, Fear Her and Army of Ghosts all 
repeated on TV3 (Spain); The Shakespeare Code repeated on BBC Entertain-
ment Latin America and France 4; Partners in Crime, Midnight and Journey to 
the Centre of the TARDIS all repeated on Syfy (Portugal); The Time of Angels 
repeated on Watch; The Lodger and The Pandorica Opens both repeated on
DR3; and Day of the Moon and The Curse of the Black Spot both repeated on 
BBC America
2015 Planet of the Spiders, Parts 2 and 3 both repeated on Horror; The Talons
of Weng-Chiang, Part 1 first screened on Retro TV and repeated on Syfy (Aus) and Part 2 first screened on Retro TV; School Reunion repeated on Syfy (Aus); 
The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky both repeated on BBC America; 
The Wedding of River Song repeated on Watch; The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe repeated on KLRU; The Angels Take ManhattanDoctor Who Con-
fidential: What Dreams May ComeDouble Trouble and Bigger on the Inside 
all repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS repeated on UKTV (NZ); The Name of the Doctor repeated on KCPT2;
and Mummy on the Orient Express repeated on repeated on BBC Brazil HD
2016 - Frontier in Space, Episodes 1 to 3 all repeated on UNC-MX; The Invasion 
of Time, Part 5 and The Girl Who Waited both repeated on Syfy (Aus); The Ribos Operation, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Retro TV; The Caves of Androzani,
Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Horror; Cold Blood repeated on BBC Polska HD;
The Runaway Bride and Smith and Jones both repeated on BBC America; Planet 
of the Dead repeated on Watch; The Snowmen repeated on TV Cultura; Robot 
of Sherwood repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; Death in Heaven, Part
 1 (of 2) repeated on FX (India); and The Husbands of River Song first screened
on Fox (FRG) and German Cinema
2017 - Planet of Giants, Episode 3: Crisis, The Rescue, Episode 1: The Powerful EnemyNightmare of Eden, Part 4 and The Horns of Nimon, Part 1 all repeated on Retro TV; The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, World War Three, Dalek and 
The Long Game all repeated on FX (India); The Poison Sky repeated on Syfy
(Aus); Good Man Goes to War, Let's Kill Hitler, Night TerrorsThe Girl Who Waited and The God Complex all repeated on France 4 and Syfy (Aus); Closing
Time repeated on France 4; Cold Blood and Vincent and the Doctor both repeated
on Syfy (Latin America); The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol,
  The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon all repeated on BBC Polska HD;
The Witch's Familiar and Under the Lake both repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe; Before the Flood repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe and BBC First (RSA); and Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent all
repeated on Syfy (Brazil)

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