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Doctor Who Vs. Casualty, Series 5

Regular series actors 
Derek Thompson, Brenda Fricker, Cathy Shipton,
Geoffrey Leesley, Ian Bleasdale, and Robson 
Green all returned for 
the fifth season of BBC 
One's long-running 
medical drama.
Joining the programme here were Nigel Le Vaillant (as registrar Julian Chapman),
Mamta Kaash (SHO Beth Ramanee), Patrick Robinson (nurse Martin Ashford), Maggie McCarthy (receptionist Helen Green), Eamon Boland (social worker Tony Walker), and Caroline Webster (paramedic Jane Scott).
Both Boland and McCarthy had left the show by the series' conclusion, whilst
Leesley and Fricker chose to depart after three and four years service respectively. Fricker followed her Oscar winning role in My Left Foot with an appearance in Home Alone 2and she would return as nurse Megan Roach in 1998, 2007 and 2010.
The new series (now with a slightly increased run of thirteen episodes) was originally broadcast from September to December 1990, and featured Christopher Eccleston (as Stephen Hills), Louise Jameson (Judy) and
fifty Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Tom Chadbon (Announcer here; Greetham, 1991; Gould, 1996; Henry Williams, 2008-2011) was Duggan in City of Death, Merdeen in The Mysterious Planet, and voiced Gordon for Big Finish's No More Lies (2007), and Embery for both The Paradox Planet and Legacy of Death (2016)
  • Dervla Kirwan (Anna) played Miss Mercy Hartigan in The Next Doctor
  • Gareth Armstrong (Announcer here; Dr. Carling, 1991; Hutchings, 1995) was Duke Giuliano in The Masque of Mandragora, and voiced Dr. Johan Drossel for The Silver Turk (2011), Jephson for The Renaaissance Man (2012), both Arthley and Salonu Prime for The Evil One, Geoffrey Chaucer for The Doctor's Tale (both 2014), and Barry Jackson for Torchwood: One Rule (2015)
  • Shirley Henderson (Denise) was Ursula Blake in Love & Monsters 
  • Jenny McCracken (Anne) was Claire Daly in Carnival of Monsters
  • Caroline Harker (Tessa here; Helen, 1997) voiced Dr. Jayne Smythe for The New Counter Measures 2 (BF, 2017)
  • George Costigan (Robert here; M. Gregory, 1997; S. Gregory, 2006; McConnell, 2011) was Max Capricorn in Voyage of the Damned
  • Geoffrey Bateman (Carpenter here; Woods, 2002) was Dymond in Nightmare of Eden
  • Jamie Glover (Luke here; Binnington, 2001) portrayed William Russell in An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Big Finish actor Alan Cox (Joshua) voiced John Matthews for The Roof of the World (2004), Mark Seven for The Daleks: The Destroyers (2010), Grenville for The Auntie Matter (2013), Dr. Gideon McDivett for The Ghosts of Gralstead (2014), the titular Grim Reaper for Death and the Queen, Robert Harley, Speravore and Warder all for The Diary of River Song 2 (both 2016), and Eamon Orensky for both The Skin of the Sleek and The Thief of Time (2017)
  • Rowena Cooper (Mrs. Parrish) voiced Emily Shaw for The Last Post (BF, 2012) and The Cloisters of Terror (BF, 2015)
  • David Shaw Parker (Hostel Owner) voiced Generals Mikhail Leonov and Paterson for 1963: Space Race (BF, 2013), and Old David Walker for Dark Eyes 2 (BF, 2014)
  • Alan David (Clarke here; Allen, 1999) was Gabriel Sneed in The Unquiet Dead, and voiced Castellan Kanteer for The War Doctor 4 (2017)
  • Simon Rouse (Roy) was Hindle in Kinda, and voiced John Kincaid for The Witch from the Well (BF, 2011), and Drang for The Paradox Planet and Legacy of Death (both 2016)
  • Tony Caunter (Café Owner) was Morgan in Colony in Space, and Jackson in Enlightenment
  • Denise Black (Jenny here; Maggie, 1999; Grace, 2006) voiced Eva Jericho for Damaged Goods
  • Georgine Anderson (Lillian here; Brenda, 2006) was May in Gridlock
  • Stevan Rimkus (Gresty here; Poole, 2004) was Captain Bates in The Curse of Fenric
  • Robert Glenister (Duncan here; Wilson, 1994) was Salateen in The Caves of Androzani
  • Jeremy Clyde (Clive here; Toynbee, 1998) voiced George Sinclair for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, 2016)
  • Tommy Wright (Alf) was the Guardmaster in The Creature from the Pit
  • Dona Croll (Lucy here; nurse Adele Beckford in Series 8) was Matron Casp in New Earth
  • John Abbott (Manager, 1990; Opthalmologist, 1996) was Vince Hawkins in Horror of Fang Rock
  • Kathleen Bidmead (Woman) was an Elder in The Mysterious Planet (1), a Rezzie in Paradise Towers, Mrs. Smith in Remembrance of the Daleks, a Tourist in Silver Nemesis (1), and a Woman in Survival (1)
  • Elspet Gray (Mary) was Chancellor Thalia in Arc of Infinity, and voiced Hera for Immortal Beloved (BF, 2007)
  • Denis Lill (Poter) was Dr. Fendelman in Image of Fendahl, and Sir George Hutchinson in The Awakening
  • Carolyn Pickles (Diane) voiced Lady Meera for Army of Death (BF, 2011) and Cardinal Ollistra for Doom Coalition 4 (BF, 2017)
  • Sheila Ruskin (Harriet here; Dr. Collins, 1996) was Kassia in The Keeper of Traken
  • Barry Jackson (Barratt) was Ascaris in The Romans, Jeff Garvey in Mission to the Unknown, Drax in The Armageddon Factor
  • David Harewood (Grant here; Leon, 1993) was Joshua Naismith in The End of Time, and voiced President Vallan for Army of Death
  • Alibe Parsons (Mrs. Grant) was Matroni Kani in Mindwarp
  • Tessa Peake Jones (Esther here; Jenny, 1995; Tina, 2010) was Marta in The Time of the Doctor
  • Fred Pearson (Philpott here; Jackson, 1997) was the Barista in The Bells of Saint John
  • Sean Murray (Bamford here; Logan, 2007; Charlie's Father, 2015) voiced Captain Darvor for The Time War 1 (BF, 2017)
  • Annette Badland (Jodie) was Margaret Blaine, alias Blon Fel Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen, in Aliens of London, World War Three and Boom Town, and voiced Queen Karlina for Equilibrium and Thelma for Suburban Hell (BF, both 2015)
  • Tony Bluto (Thomas) was Driver Joe in Midnight
  • Hugh Walters (Man) was William Shakespeare in The Chase, Runcible in The Deadly Assassin, Vogel in Revelation of the Daleks, and voiced Roderick Allingham for The Fearmonger (2000)
  • Kenneth Cranham (Lawrence) voiced Tom Cardwell for Blood of the Daleks (BF, 2007)
  • Jillie Meers (Mrs. Ellis here; Monica, 1994) voiced Mrs. McGregor for Catch 1782 (BF, 2005)
  • Robin Weaver (Imogen here; Jenny, 1999; Jane, 2005; Mary, 2010; Thelma, 2013) voiced Arianda for The Third Doctor Adventures 3 (BF, 2017)
  • for directors Alan Wareing, Michael Owen Morris and Andrew Morgan see my other series blogs
  • Andrew Cartmel was also the script editor on twelve TV adventures (from Time and the Rani to Survival), then wrote Winter for the Adept, Crime of the Century, Animal and (co-wrote) Earth Aid, all for Big Finish
  • Ben Aaronovitch also wrote Remembrance of the Daleks, Battlefield and (co-wrote) Earth Aid
  • Rona Munro penned Survival too, and has been commissioned to write a Series 10 script
  • Ian Briggs also wrote Dragonfire and The Curse of Fenric
  • Stephen Wyatt also scripted Paradise Towers and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  • Matthew Purves was the AFM on Battlefield too
  • production assistant Lindsay Grant was script supervisor on A Good Man Goes to WarDinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy

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