Monday, 16 January 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Sherlock, Series 4

Exactly a year on from The Abominable Bride, and three years since the last full season, Sherlock returned to BBC One this month. For the second year in a row, the show was the most watched TV programme over the festive period.
The three serials featured a total of twenty-three
Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Six Thatchers 
(UK TX: New Years Day 2017)
  • Rachel Talalay also directed Dark Water, Death in Heaven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent
  • Eleanor Matsuura (DI Hopkins) was Jo Nakashima in The Sontaran Stratagem, and voiced Dana Tanaka for Shadows of the Vashta Nerada
  • Big Finish actor Andrew Bone (Sandeford) voiced Pan Vexel and Nebrin for Domain of the Voord, the Vice Chancellor for The Rani Elite (both 2014), and Alfred Woodrow for The English Way of Death (2015)
  • Amanda Root (Emma) voiced Madeleine Fairweather for The Girl Who Never Was (BF, 2007)
  • Gabrielle Glaister (Ambassador) voiced Maggie Bishop for The Early Adventures: The Forsaken (BF, 2015)
  • Sacha Dhawan (Ajay) depicted Waris Hussein in An Adventure in Space and Time, then voiced Jaldam for Dark Eyes 3: The Reviled (2014), Joel Finch for Fallen Angels (2016), and Matthew for Ghost Walk (2018)
  • Daniel Hoffmann Gill (Gold Teeth Man) was Bors in The Doctor's Meditation and The Magician's Apprentice
  • series production designer Arwel Jones worked on forty-two instalments of the revived series (from The Runaway Bride to Cold Blood), Time CrashAttack of the Graske, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood: Children of Earth
  • William Oswald was also the film editor on twenty-nine instalments (from 42 to The Eaters of Light), The Sarah Jane AdventuresTorchwood and Tardisode: Tooth and Claw
  • Stuart Biddlecombe was the director of photography on Dark Water and Death in Heaven, and was also the cinematographer on Heaven Sent and Hell Bent
  • Anwen Haf was stand-by art director on Face the Raven too
  • graphic designer Richard Wells was an assistant on Turn Left, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood
  • Gerry Glynn was also a SFX technician on eight stories (from Kill the Moon to The Return of Doctor Mysterio) and Class
  • William Phillips was the matchmove artist on the latest Christmas special too
  • Anthony Wonsoff was also a digital matte painter on Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent and Class
  • sound mixer John Mooney was a sound assistant on Remembrance of the Daleks, (part 3 of) Silver NemesisThe Greatest Show in the GalaxyBattlefield and Ghost Light
The Lying Detective (UK TX: January 8)
  • Nick Hurran also directed The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, Asylum of the Daleks, The Angels Take Manhattan and The Day of the Doctor
  • Toby Jones (Culverton Smith) was the Dream Lord in Amy's Choice, and voiced renegade Time Lord Kotris for Dark Eyes (BF, 2012)
  • Lee Kemp (Agent) was a Reporter in 
  • Helena Dennis (Paparazzo) was a Dipper in The Crimson Horror, Arcadian Time Lord in The Day of the Doctor, Droid in Deep Breath, Student in The PilotClass and World Enough and Time, Posse in Smile, Woman in Thin Ice, CERN Engineer in Extremis, Passerby in The Lie of the Land, and Pict in The Eaters of Light
  • Dave Kneath was also a SFX technician on nine episodes (from Into the Dalek to The Husbands of River Song) and Class
  • Jade Poole was also SFX assistant co-ordinator on seventeen stories (from In the Forest of the Night to Series 10)
Sherlock Live (@BBCOne: January 10)
The Final Problem (UK TX: January 15)
  • Art Malik (Sherrinford Governor) voiced Abbot Absolute for The Skull of Sobek (2008)
  • Rob Pavey was also a stuntman on five episodes (from Deep Breath to The Witch's Familiar)

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