Monday, 30 January 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Silent Witness, Series 14

The fourteenth season of the long-running crime drama was first broadcast on BBC One in the winter of 2011, and again starred series regulars, William Gaminara, Tom Ward, and Emilia Fox (as Home Office pathologists, doctors Leo Dalton, Harry Cunningham, and Nikki Alexander). Nottingham-born actor Arsher Ali joined the cast for this run as forensic apprentice, Dr. Zak Khan.
Another repeat run of this ten-part series began on
the Drama channel last night, and featured these
thirty-five Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

A Guilty Mind (TX: January 3 & 4 2011)
  • Mark Lewis Jones (DI Skipper) and Sinead Keenan (Naomi) voiced Professor Oliver Mortlake and Mary Summersby respectively, both for Big Finish's The Darkness of Glass (2015) - Keenan also voiced Margery Phipps for Council of War (2013), Aoife for The Fifth Doctor Box Set: Iterations of I, Stephanie Wilton for The Worlds of Doctor Who, and Rosheen for The Highest Science (all 2014) - she also appeared as Addams (pictured) in The End of Time
  • Roy Marsden (Silverdale) played Mr. Stoker in Smith and Jones
  • Sorcha Cusack (Miranda) voiced Mary Carter for the Dark Eyes 4: Master of the Daleks and Eye of Darkness
  • Mark Dexter (Leith) was Dad in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
  • Vilma Hollingbery (Volunteer) was Mrs. Harcourt in The Doctor Dances
  • Tania Rodrigues (Administrator) voiced Anarkali, Melissa and Isra Tech for Scavenger (BF, 2014)
  • Stephen Pehrsson was also the cinematographer on eleven adventures (from The Pandorica Opens tThe Crimson Horror)
  • costume designer Suzanne Cave, her assistant Becky Brown, dubbing mixer Nigel Squibbs and third assistant director Thomas Alibone all worked on An Adventure in Space and Time too 
  • Rob Arrowsmith was also a camera operator The Pandorica OpensThe Big Bang and A Christmas Carol
  • prosthetics artist Waldo Mason was a SFX assistant on Aliens of London
  • Dan Martin was also design assistant on twelve stories (from The Impossible Astronaut to The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)
  • Elliott Gilhooly was sound assistant on The End of Time, Part 2 too
  • Gary Norman was also the grip on twenty-five episodes (from the 2010 Christmas special to The Day of the Doctor)
  • costume supervisor Fiona McCann was an assistant on Love & Monsters
  • Stefano Marchetti was ADR mixer on An Adventure in Space and Time too
Lost (TX: January 10 & 11)
  • Barbara Flynn (Carol) voiced Sister Chalice for The Skull of Sobek (BF, 2008)
  • Mark Benton (Cain) was Clive in Rose, and voiced Ellis for Invaders From Mars (BF, 2002), and Jack Coulson for Energy of the Daleks (BF, 2012)
  • Tony Gibson was sound designer on An Adventure in Space and Time too
First Casualty (TX: January 17 & 18)
  • Keith Boak also directed RoseAliens of London and World War Three
  • Darren Morfitt (Sgt. McDermott here; DCI Steemson, Series 20: Discovery) was Brother Marco in The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone
  • David Ajala (Blakefield) was Peter in The Beast Below
  • Josette Simon (Mrs. Ferris) voiced Sarana Teel for The Sontaran Ordeal (BF, 2016)
  • Julius Ogden was also focus puller on nine adventures (from Closing Time to The Day of the Doctor)
  • Sarah Bartles-Smith was cinematographer on Let's Kill Hitler too
Bloodlines (TX: January 24 & 25)
  • Julian Glover (Sandor) was King Richard (pictured) in The Crusade, and Scaroth in City of Death
The Prodigal (TX: January 31 & February 1)
  • director James Strong also helmed The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime and Planet of the Dead
  • Stephenie Carey (Trudy) was a stunt performer, most recently on The Girl Who Waited
  • Kate Ashfield (CI Woods) voiced Lieutenant Beth Stokes for Enemy of the Daleks (BF, 2009)
  • Gary Marriott (Paramedic) had the same role in The Lazarus Experiment
  • Tony Lucken (Barlow) was a stuntman on all three Dalek episodes of the 2005 season, and The End of Time, then played De Florres in The Curse of the Black Spot

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