Thursday, 12 January 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Yangtse Incident

Shown again on Film4 today, the British Lion feature 
Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst, starred 
Richard Todd (1919-2009) and William Hartnell 
(1908-1975) - both veterans of post-war cinema - but 
is also notable for the film debut of Bernard Cribbins
(born 1928), who went on to play two Doctor Who
companions, over forty years apart.
Entered into the Cannes Film Festival of 1957, Yangste
 Incident (known in America as Battle Hell and Escape
 of the Amethyst) was based on Lawrence Earl's book, 
which told the true story of HMS Amethyst. The Royal
 Navy frigate was trapped on the Yangtze river for 
three months during the Chinese civil war of 1949.
Hartnell (pictured here as Seaman Frank) was cast as 
the First Doctor just six years later. Todd (Commander Kerans) played Sanders
 in Kindaand co-starred here with seven other future classic series guest actors:

  • Richard Leech (Strain) was Gatherer Hade in The Sun Makers
  • Ewen Solon (Williams) was Chal in The Savages, and Vishinsky in Planet of Evil
  • Kenneth Cope (McNamara) was Packard in Warriors' Gate
  • Tom Bowman (Commander) was a Sentry in The Highlanders
  • Edward Dentith (Officer) was Rutlidge in The Invasion
  • Cyril Luckham (Commander) played the White Guardian from The Ribos Operation to Enlightenment
  • Anne Ridler (Secretary) was Dr. Gemma Corwyn in The Wheel in Space

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