Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Doctor Who On This Day #38

1966 - Planet of Giants, Episode 3: Crisis and The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Episode 3: Day of Reckoning both repeated and The Romans, Episode 4: 
Inferno first screened, all on ABC
1967 - The Celestial Toymaker, Episode 3: The Dancing Floor and The 
Gunfighters, Episode 1: A Holiday for the Doctor both repeated on ABC
1970 - Doctor Who and the Silurians, Episode 2 first screened on BBC1
1974 The Silurians, Episode 3 and Planet of the Daleks, Episode 2 both 
repeated on ABC
1976 - The Seeds of Doom, Part 2 first screened on BBC1
1978 Terror of the Zygons, Part 1 first screened on ABC
1981 - The Keeper of Traken, Part 2 first screened on BBC1
1984 - Terminus, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1985 - Frontios, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1986 - The Three Doctors, Episodes 2 to 4 all repeated on TV2 (NZ); and 
The Pirate Planet, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1987 The Time Meddler, Episode 1: The Watcher repeated on KQED Plus;
and The Mysterious Planet, Parts 1 and 2 both first screened on ABC
1988 The War Machines Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1989 Day of the Daleks, Episode 1 repeated on KQED Plus; and Robot, Part 
2 repeated on ABC
1990 The Visitation, Part 4 repeated on KQED Plus; and DragonfirePart 
1 first screened on TV2 (NZ)
1991 The Robots of Death, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1992 - The Mind Robber, Episode 2 repeated on BBC2
1993 The Seeds of Death Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
1994 The Invisible Enemy, Part 4 repeated on UK Gold; and The Caves 
of Androzani, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on ABC and Omnibus repeated 
on KQED Plus
1995 The Terror of the Vervoids, Part 9 repeated on UK Gold
1997 The Daemons, Episode 5 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1998 The Tomb of the Cybermen, Episode 4 repeated on Space; Four to Doomsday Omnibus repeated on UKTV (Aus); and Doctor Who TV Movie 
repeated on UK Gold
1999 Inferno, Episodes 1 and 2 both repeated on WCET and Episodes 6 and 
7 both repeated on NHPTV; The Time Warrior, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on 
LPB and Part 4 repeated on Colorado PTV; The Sontaran Experiment Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; Planet of Evil, Part 1 repeated on WQED; The Android 
Invasion, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on MPBN; Arc of Infinity, Part 3 repeated 
on WUSF; and Ghost Light, Part 3 and The Curse of Fenric, Part 1 both repeated on KBTC
2000 - The Keys of Marinus, Episode 5: Sentence of Death repeated on UKTV 
(Aus); The Seeds of Death, Episode 4 repeated on Space; and The Silurians
Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
2001 Planet of the Spiders, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on Prime; Terror 
of the Zygons, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on BBC America; and The Brain 
of Morbius, Part 4 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2002 The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 1 repeated on BBC Kids (Can);
and The Mysterious Planet, Part 2 repeated on BBC Prime
2003 Pyramids of Mars, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on BBC Kids (Can)
2004 Terror of the Autons, Episode 4 and The Mind of Evil, Episode 1 both
repeated on Colorado PTV; Horror of Fang Rock, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated 
on BBC Kids (Can); and Ghost Light Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
2005 The Robots of Death, Part 1 repeated on ABC
2009 The Mark of the Rani and Timelash Omnibuses and Revelation of the DaleksParts 1 and 2 (of 4) all repeated on MTV3 SciFi; Rose repeated on Syfy (Germany); Dalek and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: The Daleks both
repeated on UKTV (Aus); The Doctor Dances repeated on Syfy (Russia); The 
Lazarus Experiment first screened on HRT2; and Forest of the Dead first
screened on KBS2
2010 - Evolution of the Daleks repeated and Doctor Who Confidential: Making Manhattan first screened, both on WXXI; The Lazarus Experiment repeated on WTTW 11; Last of the Time Lords and Doctor Who Confidential: The Valian
Quest both repeated on MPTV; and The End of Time, Part 1 first screened on
2011 Revenge of the Cybermen, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on MTV3 SciFi,
TV4 and TV2; The Age of Steel, The Idiot's Lantern, The Impossible Planet and 
The Satan Pit all repeated on Syfy (Germany); The Stolen Earth and Journey's
End both repeated on Syfy (Benelux); and Planet of the Dead repeated on
UKTV (Aus)
2012 The Greatest Show in the GalaxyParts 1 and 2 both repeated on 
MTV3 SciFi and TV4; Boom Town repeated on BBC America; Doomsday 
repeated on BBC Entertainment India and ABC2; The Family of Blood 
repeated on Watch; and The Lodger repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2013 Doomsday repeated on UKTV (NZ); Human Nature repeated on Watch; and Planet of the Ood, The Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor's Wife all
repeated on BBC America
2014 - Director Christopher Barry died in Oxfordshire, aged 88; The Deadly Assassin, Parts 1 and 2 and Frontios, Parts 1 and 2 all repeated on Syfy (Aus);
Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code both repeated on Really; The 
Family of Blood repeated on France 4; Blink repeated on BBC Entertainment 
Latin America; Forest of the Dead repeated on Syfy (Portugal); The Pandorica 
Opens repeated on Watch; The Wedding of River Song and A Christmas Carol 
both repeated on DR3; Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy 
both repeated on BBC America; The Rings of Akhaten and Cold War both 
repeated on BBC3; and Nightmare in Silver repeated on WGVU
2015 - Terror of the Autons, Episode 4 and The Mind of Evil, Episodes 1 to 
3 all repeated on Retro TV; The Ark in Space, Parts 1 and 2, GridlockDaleks 
in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks and The Lazarus Experiment all repeated 
on Syfy (Aus); Boom Town and Doctor Who Confidential: Unsung Heroes and 
Violent Death both repeated on UNC-MX; 42 repeated on UKTV (NZ) and Syfy 
(Aus); Image of the Fendahl, Parts 3 and 4 both first screened on Retro TV; 
Frontios Omnibus repeated on Horror; Father's Day repeated on KCPT2; 
Midnight, Turn Left and The Stolen Earth all repeated on UKTV (Aus); Planet 
of the DeadThe Time of the Doctor and Doctor Who Prom (2010) all repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe, Romania and Middle East; The Impossible 
Astronaut, Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot and The Almost 
People all repeated on BBC Entertainment Latin America; The Doctor's Wife 
and The Rebel Flesh both repeated on BBC Entertainment Latin America and Space; The Rings of Akhaten repeated on OETA; The Crimson Horror and 
Nightmare in Silver both repeated on BBC Nordic HD and BBC Polska HD;
Robot of Sherwood repeated on RAI4; and Doctor Who Confidential: About 
a Boy and River Runs Wild both repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific
2016 - The Sensorites, Episodes 2 and 3 and City of Death, Parts 3 and 4 all repeated on Retro TV; The Ambassadors of DeathEpisodes 1 to 4 all repeated on WVPB; Planet of the DaleksThe Time Warrior and Invasion of the Dinosaurs 
Omnibuses all repeated on UNC-EX; Pyramids of Mars, Part 1 repeated on KRWG;
The Masque of Mandragora, Part 4 repeated on KPTS; Destiny of the Daleks, Part 4, The Girl Who Waited and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship all repeated on Syfy (Aus);
Timelash, Parts 3 and 4 (of 4) both repeated on KBTC; The Shakespeare Code 
and Gridlock both repeated on EBRU; Journey's End repeated on UNC-TV;
The Impossible Astronaut repeated on BBC Polska HD; The Bells of Saint John 
repeated on Iowa PTV; The Time of the Doctor repeated on MPTV; Deep Breath
 repeated on BBC First (Middle East); Into the Dalek repeated on KLRU; Robot 
of Sherwood repeated on WPT; Listen repeated on KERA; Time Heist repeated 
on KCPT; The Caretaker repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe; Kill the Moon
 repeated on WILL and WXXI; Flatline repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific, Watch and OETA; In the Forest of the Night repeated on Watch and
Idaho PTV; Last Christmas and The Witch's Familiar both repeated on FX (India); Under the Lake repeated on BBC America and FX (India); and Before 
the Flood repeated on BBC America
2017 - The Ark, Episode 4: The Bomb repeated on The Zone; Full Circle, Part 
4 and State of Decay, Part 1 both repeated on Retro TV; The Christmas Invasion repeated on FX (India); The Unicorn and the Wasp and The Hungry Earth both 
repeated on Syfy (Aus); Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, Under the 
Lake and Before the Flood all repeated on Syfy (Brazil); Night Terrors and 
Behind the Lens: The Day of the Doctor both repeated on BBC Polska HD;
Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient ExpressFlatline and In the Forest of the Night repeated all repeated on BBC America; The Caretaker and Kill the Moon both repeated on BBC America and France 4; and Serpent Crest: Tsar Wars
Part 2 first broadcast on Radio 4 Extra

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