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Doctor Who Vs. Casualty, Series 6

Regular series actors Derek 
Thompson, Cathy Shipton, Ian 
Bleasdale, Robson Green, Nigel 
Le Vaillant, Mamta Kaash, Patrick Robinson and Caroline Webster 
all returned for the fifth season of BBC One's long-running medical 
Joining the programme here were 
Maureen Beattie (as staff nurse 
Sandra Nicholl), Adie Allen (student 
nurse Kelly Liddle), Anne Kristen (receptionist Norma Sullivan), and 
Maria Friedman (social worker Trish 
Both Allen and Friedman had left the show by the series' conclusion, whilst 
Green and Kaash chose to depart 
after three and two years service respectively.
The new series (now with an increased 
run of fifteen episodes) was originally broadcast from September to December 1991 (with the final instalment only shown in February 1992), and featured 
fifty-eight Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Kenneth Colley (Paddy) voiced Cristophe Zarodnix for Big Finish's Sisters of the Flame and Vengeance of Morbius (both 2008)
  • Marc Warren (Nick) played Elton Pope in Love & Monsters
  • Karl Collins (Roy) was Shaun Temple in The End of Time
  • Christien Anholt (Jude) was Perkins in The Curse of Fenric
  • Roderick Smith (DS Spalding) was Cruikshank in The Invisible Enemy
  • Sophie Okonedo (Gina) was Queen Liz 10 in The Beast Below and The Pandorica Opens, and voiced Alison Cheney for Scream of the Shalka
  • Tom Georgeson (Talbot) was Kavell in Genesis of the Daleks, and an Inspector in Logopolis
  • Richard Hampton (Pathologist) was a Villager in The Visitation
  • Debra Gillett (Reporter) was Rita Connolly in The Idiot's Lantern
  • Jim Carter (Charlton) voiced Brother Bernard for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010)
  • David Quilter (Dr. Graves) was Greeves in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Jo Stone-Fewings (Sutton) was the Male Programmer [Davitch Pavale] in The Parting of the Ways, and voiced Major Wheatley for The Churchill Years (BF, 2016)
  • Rob Edwards (McBride here; Drake, 1995) provided the Male Voice of Xoanon for The Face of Evil, and was Chub in The Robots of Death (1)
  • Roger Griffiths (Philip) was Commander Kess in Planet of the Ood
  • Polly James (Sylvia) and Jack Galloway (Dryden) both appeared in The Awakening, as Jane Hampden and Captain Joseph Willow
  • Ian Talbot (Vaughan) was Travis in The Silurians (4), and Klout in The Leisure Hive
  • Vincent Brimble (PC Devonshire) was Tarpok in Warriors of the Deep
  • Philip Anthony (Dr. Phillips) was Roald in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare Begins
  • Duncan Duff (Policeman) was a Newsreader in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel, and voiced Joe Hartley for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • Iain Rattray (Sergeant) was Habris in State of Decay
  • Gillian Kearney (Mandy here; Jessica Harrison, 2008-10) voiced Mina Challis for Zygon Hunt (BF, 2014)
  • Rupert Holliday Evans (Cook here; Tom, 1995; Harkins, 2006; Frank, 2009; Healey, 2015) was Colonel Mace in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky, and voiced a trio of roles for AudioGo's Demon Quest series - Celtic Warrior for The Relics of Time, an Artist for The Demon of Paris, and Cop for Starfall (all 2010)
  • Geoffrey Toone (Bridges) was Hepesh in The Curse of Peladon
  • Julia Sawalha (Nikki) was Emma in The Curse of Fatal Death
  • Janet Henfrey (Sister Joan) was Miss Hardaker in The Curse of Fenric, and Mrs. Pitt in Mummy on the Orient Express
  • Timothy Walker (Burrows) made his TV debut as Grell in The Mysterious Planet
  • Maureen Beattie (Sandra Nicholl, 1991-93) was Bellows in Last Christmas
  • Hermione Norris (Abby, 1991; Bobbie, 1994) was Lundvik in Kill the Moon
  • Gerard Horan (Wilkinson here; Mark, 1994; Denning, 2007; O'Connor, 2010) was Mr. Clark and Father of Mine in Human Nature and The Family of Blood
  • Christian Rodska (Dr. Bailer here; Carver, 1995; Coyne, 2015) voiced Laan Carder for Faith Stealer (BF, 2004) and the Reverand Small for Hornets Nest: The Dead Shoes (AudioGo, 2011)
  • Siobhan Redmond (Betty) voiced Talin for Revenge of the Swarm, then the latest incarnation of the titular renegade Time Lord for The Rani Elite (both 2014), and Planet of the Rani (2015)
  • Michael Attwell (Jones here; Reed, 1997) and Wendy Gifford (Mrs. Cox) both starred in The Ice Warriors, as Miss Garrett and Isbur - Attwell was also Bates in Attack of the Cybermen
  • Peggy Mount (Eliza) and Daniel Peacock (Leathers) both appeared in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, as the Stallslady and Nord
  • Dominic Guard (Turner here; Hall, 1995) and Kathy Burke (Lorraine) both starred in Terminus, as Olvir and a Lazar
  • Mary Healey (Doreen) and Annie Hulley (Jan here; Lorna, 1995) both starred in The Happiness Patrol, as a Killjoy and the Newsreader (3)
  • Nicholas Farrell (Byron) was Brian Green PM in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Gammades for Time Reef, Phil for A Perfect World (BF, both 2008), Captain Frank for Last of the Cybermen (BF, 2015)
  • David Ryall (Gash here; Harley, 1993; Dr. Baker, 1998) voiced both Carthok and Valentine for Phantasmagoria (BF, 1999)
  • Geoffrey Bayldon (Frain here; Ellington, 1997; Michaels, 2004; Simpson, 2006) was Organon in The Creature from the Pit, and voiced an Unbound Doctor for both Auld Mortality (BF, 2003) and A Storm of Angels (BF, 2005)
  • Frank Windsor (Smith here; Samuels, 2003/4) was Sir Ranulf Fitzwilliam in The King's Demons, and Inspector Mackenzie in Ghost Light
  • Peter Copley (Woods here; Phipps, 1993; Ellis, 1999) was Dr. Warlock in Pyramids of Mars
  • Christine Kavanagh (Helen) was Aram in Timelash, and voiced Patience for Cold Fusion (BF, 2017)
  • Brian Hibbard (Cadell here; Wolf, 1999; Robert, 2009) was Kellor in Delta and the Bannermen
  • Simon Shepherd (Ferris) starred in a three stories for The Serpent Crest series from AudioGo (2011) - Tsar Wars (as Boolin), The Broken Crown (as Mr. Bewley), and Aladdin Time (as the Magician)
  • Louis Mahoney (Olu Ajayi here; Cavanagh, 2007) was a Newscaster in Frontier in Space, Ponti in Planet of Evil, and the elder Billy Shipton in Blink
  • Tim Preece (Gilchrist) was Codal in Planet of the Daleks
  • Davyd Harries (Felton here; Hoyle, 1993; Leyland, 1998; Frey, 2002) was Shapp in The Armageddon Factor
  • Patricia Maynard (Brenda) was Miss Winters in Robot
  • Robert James (Mitchell) was Lesterson in The Power of the Daleks, and the High Priest in The Masque of Mandragora
  • James Saxon (Marcus) was Oscar Botcherby in The Two Doctors
  • stunt arranger Gareth Milne was George Cranleigh in Black Orchid, a Mortuary Attendant in Vengeance on Varos, and doubled for Peter Davison on Warriors of the Deep
  • production associate Edwina Craze also PA on The Tenth Planet (were she met future husband Michael Craze), The KrotonsThe War Games (10), and Terror of the Zygonsand AFM on The Enemy of the World and The Mind Robber
  • production manager Pennie Bloomfield was AFM on Attack of the Cybermen
  • Mike Tucker was also VFX assistant on ten stories (from The Mysterious Planet to Survival) and Dimensions in Time, then became model unit supervisor on fourteen episodes of the revived series (from Rose to The Time of the Doctor) - he also scripted The Genocide Machine (2000), Dust Breeding (2001), The Warehouse (2015), and Order of the Daleks (2016) all for Big Finish

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