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Doctor Who Vs. Casualty, Series 8

Regular series actors Derek Thompson, Cathy Shipton, Ian Bleasdale, Clive 
Mantle, Patrick Robinson, Caroline Webster, Anne Kristen and William Gaminara all returned for the eighth season of BBC One's long-running medical drama.
Joining the programme here were Jo Unwin (as paramedic Lucy Cooper), David Ryall (Dr. Tom Harley), Oliver Parker (manager Mark Calder), Suzanna Hamilton (SHO Karen Goodliffe), Dona Croll (nurse Adele Beckford), Christopher Guard (nurse Ken Hodges), Samantha Edwards (nurse Helen Chatsworth), Naoko Mori (receptionist Mie Nishikawa), Steven O'Donnell (porter Frankie Drummer), 
Brendan O'Hea (paramedic Brian Crawford), Tara Moran (trainee nurse Mary Skillett), Martin Ball (SHO Dave Masters) and Jane Gurnett (nurse Rachel Longworth).
Webster, Kristen, Gaminara, Ryall, Parker, Hamilton, Croll, Guard, Edwards, 
Mori, O'Donnell, O'Hea, Moran and Ball had all left the show by the series' conclusion, whilst Shipton chose to depart after eight years service - she would return regularly between 1998 and the present.
The new, twenty-four part series, was originally broadcast from September 
1993 to February 1994, and featured thirty-eight Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Mori was introduced as Dr. Toshiko Sato in Aliens of London, then became a series regular in Torchwood
  • Amelda Brown (Linda) voiced Margaret for The Adventure Games: The Gunpowder Plot
  • Adjoa Andoh (Maggie) and Croll both starred as Cat Nuns Sister Jatt and Matron Casp in New Earth - Andoh was then was cast as Martha Jones' mum, Francine for Series three - also voiced Nurse Albertine for Big Finish's Year of the Pig (2006)
  • Peter Ferdinando (Policeman) and Brian Miller (Sullivan here; Warburn, 1999; Piper, 2002; Hearn, 2012) both appeared in Deep Breath, as Half-Face Man and Barney - Miller (the widow of Elizabeth Sladen) was also Dugdale in Snakedance, and voiced the titular villains for Resurrection and Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Brenda Bruce (Carrie) was Tilda in Paradise Towers
  • Clive Rowe (Speight) was Morvin Van Hoff in Voyage of the Damned
  • Craig Kelly (Wheater here; Daniel Perryman, 1995/6) and Anna Calder Marshall (Yvonne here; Peggy, 2015) both starred in Scream of the Shalka as Joe and Mathilda Pierce respectively
  • prolific Big Finish actor Toby Longworth (PC) voiced Professor Morgan, Sancreda and UNIT Sentry all for The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, the Monan Host for The Apocalypse Element, Priest for The Fires of Vulcan (all 2000), Kelsey for Sword of Orion, Hauptmann Julius Schafer for Colditz (both 2001), Beep the Meep for The Ratings War, Josiah W Dogbolter for The Maltese Penguin (both 2002), Badger, Gaulish, Tribesman and Winston Churchill all for Unbound: Auld Mortality, Broke for The Dark Flame, Time Lord for Unbound: Exile (all 2003), the Cabbie for Unregenerate! (2005), Redklaw and Jack for Circular Time, Konrad and Schrader for Old Soldiers, the titular villain of The Wishing Beast (all 2007), Commander Hectocot for The Key 2 Time: The Chaos Pool, Yatsumoto, Truscott and Manager all for The Nightmare Fair (both 2009), Stafel and Security Guard for The Song of Megaptera (2010), Thaddeus P Winklemeyer for Freakshow (2011), Werner for Counter Measures 3 (2014), Min for Gallifrey: Intervention Earth (2015), and Caw for The Infinite Quest
  • Jaye Griffiths (Sheena here; Elle Gardner, 2016) was Jac in The Magician's Apprentice and The Zygon Invasion, and voiced Daylin for The War Doctor 2: Infernal Devices (2016)
  • Martin Cochrane (Dinning) was General Chellak in The Caves of Androzani
  • Louise Gold (Carey) voiced President Grosseteste for Tales From New Earth (BF, 2018)
  • Terrence Hardiman (Carlisle) was Hawthorne in The Beast Below, and voiced King Sitric for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010), Reverend Dobbs for Serpent Crest: The Broken Crown (AudioGo, 2011), and Stackhouse for The English Way of Death (BF, 2014)
  • Andrée Bernard (Ricky here; Sandra, 1997) was Dolly Bailey in The Shakespeare Code, and voiced Ellen Green for Blue Forgotten Planet (2009), Erisi for The Entropy Composition, Lorelei for Paradise 5 (both 2010), Joanna Slade for The Feast of Axos (2011), Dr. Paignton and Constable for The Red House, Susie and Sylvie for Stage Fright, and Tethneka and Carter for Terror of the Sontarans (all 2015)
  • Jim McManus (Harry here; Davis, 1996) was an Opthalmologist in The Invisible Enemy
  • Frances White (Harriet) was Cassandra in The Myth Makers
  • Sean Carlsen (Mac here; Mick, 1994; Bard, 1998) was a Policeman in The Christmas Invasion, then voiced Sub-editor, Board Member, Citizen and Censor all for The Natural History of Fear (2004), Caius for The Council of Nicaea (2005), Ned Davey for The Ghosts of Gralstead, and Co-ordinator Narvin for Dark Eyes 3 (both 2014), the Gallifrey series (2004-16) and Gallifrey: Time War (2018)
  • Amanda Root (Joyce here; Evelyn, 2013) voiced Madeleine Fairweather for The Girl Who Never Was (BF, 2007)
  • Sarah Berger (Gemma here; Helen, 2013) was Rost in Attack of the Cybermen (2)
  • Vilma Hollingbery (Ada) was Mrs. Harcourt in The Doctor Dances
  • Leslie Schofield (Jenson) was Leroy in (episode 4 of) The War Games, and Calib in The Face of Evil
  • Ball was Roger Davey in Partners in Crime
  • Mark Williams (Jones) voiced Max Edison for The Eternal Summer (BF, 2009), and played Rory's dad Brian Williams Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three
  • Gracy Goldman (Rosie) was Mrs. Woods in The Caretaker
  • Patrick O'Connell (White) was Ashton in The Dalek Invasion of Earth (4)
  • Michael Bertenshaw (PC Vaughan here; Granger, 2003; Murray, 2008) was Mr. Cole in The Next Doctor
  • Peter Guinness (Becket here; Elliot Matthews, 1997/8) voiced Childeric for The Holy Terror (BF, 2000), Baron Teufel for The Beast of Orlok (BF, 2009), Rovus for The Star Men (BF, 2017), and Mr. Dread for Dreamland
  • Derek Fowlds (Croft here; Cothern, 2013) voiced Claude for The Elixir of Doom (BF, 2014)
  • Sean Gallagher (Truman) was Chip in New Earth
  • Martyn Whitby (Pascoe here; Stanbridge, 2005) was the Drayman in The Mark of the Rani (1)
  • Bryonie Pritchard (Nicola) was Dr. Sally Arnold in the Auton video trilogy
  • Heather Emmanuel (Rabya) was Tessa in The Android Invasion (4)
  • Norman Mitchell (Jenkins) was a Policeman in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven
  • Paterson Joseph (Michael here; Mark Grace, 1997/8) was Roderick in Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways
  • Colin McFarlane (Ray here; Duheney, 2015)
  • AFM Catrin Lewis Defis was the associate producer on The Next DoctorThe End of Time and Torchwood, and produced Music of the Spheres

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