Sunday, 12 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

This British horror feature was the first in a series 
of seven anthology films from Amicus Productions, 
and was screened again on the Horror channel today.
Released by Regal in 1965, the movie was directed 
by Oscar-winning cinematographer Freddie Francis, 
and was co-produced by Milton Subotsky and Max RosenbergSubtsky originally wrote all five gothic 
portmanteau tales in 1948, and utilised staples of 
the genre here (WerewolfCreeping Vine, Voodoo, 
Disembodied Hand and Vampire) within a framing 
The film starred Peter Cushing (as Dr. Shreck),
Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Roy Castle
(Biff Bailey in the third segment), and featured
fourteen other Doctor Who cast and crew

  • Michael Gough (Landor) played the titular role of The Celestial Toymaker (pictured), then Councillor Hedin in Arc of Infinity
  • Max Adrian [born Max Bor] (Dr. Blake) was King Priam in The Myth Makers
  • Edward Underdown (Tod) was Zastor in Meglos
  • Judy Cornwell (Nurse) was Maddy in Paradise Towers
  • Isla Blair (Girl) was Lady Isabella in The King's Demons, and voiced Paula for Big Finish's Exotron (2007)
  • Ann Bell (Ann) voiced Sylvia O'Donnell for Thousand Tiny Wings (BF, 2010), Professor Gesima Cazalet for Night of the Stormcrow (BF, 2013), and Lisa Burrows for The Diary of River Song (BF, 2016)
  • Joe Vegoda (executive producer), John Cox (sound director), Ted Samuels (SFX) and Maurice Gillett (electrician) all worked on both Dalek films
  • Ted Wallis was production manager on Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
  • Bill Constable (art director), Buster Ambler (sound recordist) and Roy Hyde (sound editor) all worked on Dr. Who and the Daleks

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