Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect

Granada's ground-breaking police procedural 
drama began twenty-six ago, and spawned six 
sequel series, an American TV spin-off, and the 
prequel novel Tennison has been adapted by
ITV Studios as Prime Suspect: 1973.
Helen Mirren (born Helen Mironoff in 1945, and 
made a Dame in 2003) debuted here as DCI 
Jane Tennison, a role which earned her three 
BAFTA and two Emmy awards.
Created by Widows screenwriter, author and
ex-actress Lynda La Plante (born 1943), Prime 
Suspect focused on the murder investigations 
of Tennison, one of the Metropolitan Police 
Service's first female Chief Inspectors, whilst 
confronting the institutionalised sexism at her Southampton Row base. La Plante won an 
Edgar Award and a BAFTA for her screenplay.
The two-part serial, first aired in April 1991,
concluded another repeat run on ITV3 last night, 
and featured John Bowe (as George Marlow), 
Tom Bell (DS Bill Otley), Jack Ellis (DI Muddyman), 
Craig Fairbrass (DI Burkin), Richard Hawley (DC Haskosn), Tom Wilkinson 
and twelve Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • John Benfield (DCS Kernan) voiced Don for Big Finish's Circular Time: Autumn (2007), and Captain Greeg for The Song of Megaptera (2010)
  • Zoe Wanamaker (Moyra) played Lady Cassandra in The End of the World and New Earth
  • Andrew Tiernan (DC Rosper) was Mr. Purcell in Night Terrors
  • Angela Bruce (Helen) was UNIT Brigadier Winifred Bambera in Battlefield, a role she reprised for Animal (BF, 2011)
  • James Snell (Upcher) was Harry in The Daemons
  • Rod Arthur (Tomlins) was Mr. Parsons in School Reunion
  • Bryonie Pritchard (WPC) was Dr. Sally Arnold in BBV's Auton trilogy
  • Owen Aaronovitch (Tony) voiced Antonio Ferrando for Fiesta of the Damned (BF, 2016). and Dr. Javier Santos for The New Counter Measures 2 (2017)
  • Vincent Pickering (Witness) made his TV debut as Sagan in Warriors' Gate
  • prolific Big Finish artist Susan Brown (Linda) was Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Mary for 100: Bedtime Story (2007), Alice Withers for The Eternal Summer, Maud for Castle of Fear, both Mrs. Withers and Mrs. Sowerby for Plague of the Daleks (all 2009), Margaret for both Deimos and The Resurrection of Mars, Eleanor Harvey for Return of the Krotons, Chief Engineer and Chanel for The Song of the Megaptera, Babs for Prison in Space (all 2010), and Kastrella for Death Match (2015)
  • Peter Brayham was also the stunt co-ordinator on The Christmas InvasionNew Earth and School Reunion
  • Alf Tramontin was the steadicam operator on Attack of the Graske too

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