Sunday, 5 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Waking The Dead, Series 6

Regular series actors Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston,
Wil Johnson, and Félicité Du Jeu all returned for
the sixth season of this award-winning BBC crime
drama, which first aired in the winter of 2007.
Tara Fitzgerald joined the cast here as new Home
Office pathologist, Dr. Eve Lockhart - she stayed
with the show until 2011 and then starred in
spin-off series, The Body Farm.
This twelve-part series (which began another
repeat run on the Drama channel last night) featured Peter Capaldi (as Calvin in the third
story) and twenty-seven other Doctor Who cast
and crew connections:

Wren Boys (TX: January 7 & 8)
  • Big Finish artist Ann Bell (Mother Superior) voiced Sylvia O'Donnell for A Thousand Tiny Wings (2010), Professor Gesima Cazalet for Night of the Stormcrow (2013), and Lisa Burrows for The Diary of River Song (2016)
  • Carey Mulligan (Bridgid) played Sally Sparrow (pictured) in Blink
  • series SFX supervisor Graham Brown was VFX assistant on Full CircleThe Five DoctorsResurrection of the DaleksThe Caves of AndrozaniAttack of the CybermenRevelation of the Daleks and The Curse of Fenric
  • Tom Lucy was also the stunt co-ordinator on sixteen episode (from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor) and for twenty instalments of Torchwood
  • prosthetics artist Waldo Mason was a SFX assistant on Aliens of London
Deus Ex Machina (TX: January 14 & 15)
  • Graham Crowden (Barrett) was Soldeed in The Horns of Nimon
  • Adam James (Leonard) was DI Macmillan in Planet of the Dead
The Fall (TX: January 21 & 22)
  • Nigel Whitmey (Simmel) was Simmons in Dalek
  • Paul Kennington was also a stuntman on Rise of the CybermenThe Age of SteelArmy of GhostsDoomsday and The Doctor's Daughter
Mask of Sanity (TX: January 28 & 29)
  • James Fox (Rivelli) voiced Professor Chronotis for Shada
  • Jemma Redgrave (Sophie) was Kate Stewart in The Power of ThreeThe Day of the DoctorDeath in Heaven, The Magician's Apprentice, The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion
  • Nicholas Beveney (Jenson) was Dad in Attack of the Graske
  • Richard Dillane (Ricardo) was Captain Carter in Let's Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song
  • Dominic Letts (Valentine) - son of Barry Letts - voiced Nobby, Kitson, Wilkins and a Soldier for The Paradise of Death
  • Helen Blatch (Mrs. Jenson) provided the Computer voice for The Deadly Assassin, and was seen as Commander Fabian in The Twin Dilemma
  • Roy Holder (Flynn) was Krelper in The Caves of Androzani
  • Julia Joyce (Kate) was the Young Rose Tyler in Father's Day, and Holly Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth
  • film editor Crispin Green also edited six adventures (from Tooth and Claw to Forest of the Dead)
  • stunt co-ordinator Gareth Milne was George Cranleigh in Black Orchid, a Mortuary Attendant in Vengeance on Varos, and doubled for Peter Davison on Warriors of the Deep
  • script editor Muirinn Lane Kelly produced Scream of the Shalka
Double Bind (TX: February 4 & 5)
  • Alisdair Simpson (Young Raymond) voiced Sir Francis White for 1963: The Assassination Games (BF, 2013) and Cleon for The Mask of Tragedy (BF, 2014)
  • Ray De Haan (Drug dealer) was a stuntman on The Idiot's Lantern
  • Lee Sherward was also a stunt co-ordinator on eleven episodes of Doctor WhoTorchwood: Miracle Day and Sherlock
Yahrzeit (TX: February 18 & 19)
  • Pip Torrens (Holland) was Headmaster Rocastle in Human Nature and The Family of Blood
  • Radoslaw Kaim (Cyrak) was Trepper in The Sontaran Stratagem
  • Jim Norton (Dusniak) voiced Major Thomas Kennet for Scream of the Shalka
  • Hollie Sullivan (Frieda) voiced Olivia York for The Middle (BF, 2017)

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