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Doctor Who Vs. Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 3

Actors David Suchet (again portraying Hercule Poirot),
Hugh Fraser (as Captain Hastings), Philip Jackson (Inspector Japp), and Pauline Moran (Miss Lemon) all returned for eleven new period crime dramas, first broadcast on ITV in the autumn and winter of 1990/91.
Five of the episodes were based on short stories from Poirot's Early Cases (published in 1974), three derived from Poirot Investigates (1924), and two originated from The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (1960). The opening feature-length serial was based on Agatha Christie's first ever novel, written in 1916 and published in 1920.
Another repeat run of the third season concluded on ITV Encore yesteday, and featured Peter Capaldi (pictured 
as Claude Langton in Wasp's Nest) and forty-two other 
Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Mysterious Affair At Styles (UK TX: September 16 1990)
  • Joanna McCallum (Evelyn) voiced The Bursar for Big Finish's Night Thoughts (2006) 
  • David Savile (Summerhaye) played Lieutenant Jeremy Carstairs in The War Games, Professor Winser in The Claws of Axos, and Colonel Charles Crichton in The Five Doctors
  • Anthony Calf (Cavendish) was Charles in The Visitation, Colonel Godsacre in Empress of Mars, and voiced Lord Barset for Frozen Time (BF, 2007)
  • Morris Perry (Wells) was Captain Dent in Colony in Space
  • Tim Munro (Mace) was Ainu in The Creature from the Pit, and Sigurd in Terminus
  • Tim Preece (Philips) was Codal in Planet of the Daleks
  • Donald Pelmear (Judge) was Professor Rubeish in The Time Warrior
  • Robert Vowles (Driver) was a Gundan in Warriors' Gate
How Does Your Garden Grow? (UK TX: January 6 1991)
  • Elizabeth Waller was the costume designer on The Robots of Death too
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery (UK TX: January 13)
  • David Quilter (Shaw) was Greeves in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Christopher Owen (Purser) was an Earthling in Meglos
  • Jonathan Stratt (Passenger) was a Taxi Driver in Partners in Crime
  • Dallas Adams (Hood) was Professor Howard Foster in Planet of Fire
  • Edward Phillips (Seller) was a Scientist in The Moonbase
  • Lizzie McInnerny (Nurse) voiced Harriet Quilp for The Early Adventures: The Yes Men (BF, 2015)
The Plymouth Express (UK TX: January 20)
  • writer Rod Beacham made his TV acting debut as Corporal Lane in The Web of Fear
  • Julian Wadham (Carrington) voiced Augustus Scullop for The Fourth Wall (BF, 2012), and Joseph Holman for The Darkness of Glass (BF, 2015)
  • Steven Mackintosh (Newsboy) was Gazak in Timelash
  • Leon Eagles (Manager) was Jabel in The Face of Evil
  • John Abbott (Detective) was Vince Hawkins in Horror of Fang Rock
Wasp's Nest (UK TX: January 27)

The Tragedy At Marsdon Manor (UK TX: February 3)
  • Ian McCulloch (Maltravers) was Nilson in Warriors of the Deep
  • Geraldine Alexander (Susan) was Areta in Vengeance on Varos
  • Ralph Watson (Danvers) was the Generator Scientist in The Underwater Menace, Captain Knight in The Web of Fear, Ettis in The Monster of Peladon, and Ben Travers in Horror of Fang Rock
  • Hilary Sesta (Receptionist) was the Fortune Teller in Snakedance
The Double Clue (UK TX: February 10)
  • David Bamber (Parker) was Captain Quell in Mummy on the Orient Express, and voiced Emperor Constantine for The Council of Nicaea(BF, 2005), and both Colonel Ulrik and Whitmore for The Four Doctors (BF, 2010)
  • Mark Fletcher (Constable) was a Crewman in Earthshock
  • stuntman Martin Grace was a Thal in Dr. Who and the Daleks
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest (UK TX: February 17)
  • Caroline Langrishe (Marguerite) voiced Shira for The Burning Prince (BF, 2012), and Lady Farina for Doom Coalition (BF, 2015)
  • Pip Torrens (Rich here; Cloade in Series 10: Taken at the Flood) was 
  • Peter Copley (Burgoyne) was Dr. Warlock in Pyramids of Mars
  • Metin Yenal (Umpire) was Karl in Silver Nemesis
The Theft of the Royal Ruby (UK TX: February 24)
  • Frederick Treves (Lacey) was Brotadac in Meglos
  • Gordon Reid (Shop Owner) was Phillips in (part one of) Invasion of the Dinosaurs
  • Stephanie Cole (Mrs. Lacey) voiced Lady Marianna for The Abandoned (BF, 2014)
  • Iain Rattray (Waiter) was Habris in State of Decay
  • stuntman Jim Dowdall had uncredited roles in Day of the DaleksGenesis of the Daleks and Frontios
The Affair at the Victory Ball (UK TX: March 3)
  • Andrew Burt (Ackeley) was Valgard in Terminus
  • stuntman Steve Whyment was an extra in The Keeper of Traken and Snakedance
The Mystery of the Hunter's Lodge (UK TX: March 10)
  • Roy Boyd (Stoddard) was Driscoll in The Hand of Fear
  • Bernard Horsfall (Pace) was Lemual Gulliver in The Mind Robber, a Time Lord in The War Games, the Thal leader Taron in Planet of the Daleks, Chancellor Goth in The Deadly Assassin, and voiced Arnold Baynes for Davros (BF, 2003)
  • Victoria Alcock (Ellie) was Angela in Planet of the Dead, and voiced Marion for Power Play (BF, 2012)
  • Raymond Trickitt (Cooke) was the Ancient Haemovore in The Curse of Fenric
  • Jim Norton (Havering) voiced Major Thomas Kennet for Scream of the Shalka

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