Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Inspector Morse Specials

Central's final Morse serials were all based on Colin Dexter's last crime novels, and were first screened on ITV from 1995 to 2000.
Actors John Thaw, Kevin Whately and James Grout again portrayed the Oxford-based detectives, Morse and Lewis, and their boss Superintendent Strange (although Sergeant Lewis did not appear in The Wench is Dead, which examined a real-life Victorian murder).
The Remorseful Day concluded the thirteen year run with Morse's death, and the series spawned two spin-off dramas, Lewis (2006 to present) and Endeavour (2012 to present). Three-times BAFTA winner (twice for Morse) John Thaw died in 2002, aged 60, whilst Dexter's death as the age of 86 was announced yesterday.
The five mysteries (all repeated again on ITV3 this week) featured twenty-one Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Way Through the Woods
(Published 1992 - UK TX: November 29 1995)
  • Big Finish guest star Christopher Fairbank (Daley) voiced Doc Baroque for The Scapegoat (2009) and the Professor for The Wreck of the Titan (2010), then appeared as Fenton in Flatline
  • Gary Powell (Parnell) was Dev Ashton in 42
  • Robin Soans (McBryde) was Luvic in The Keeper of Traken, and the Chronolock Guy in Face the Raven
  • Damien Timmer (script editor here and on Death is Now My Neighbour, and later the executive producer on Lewis and Endeavour) was a Party Menoptera in An Adventure in Space and Time
The Daughters of Cain 
(Published 1994 - UK TX: November 27 1996)
  • Nadim Sawalha (Dr. Hassan) voiced Sapnil Khan for The Magic Mousetrap (BF, 2009) and the Old Man for 1001 Nights (BF, 2012)
  • Big Finish actress Nicky Goldie (WPC) voiced the Empress for Winter for the Adept, Valeria Hedone for The Fires of Vulcan (both 2000), and Inquisitor Danby for Excelis Rising (2002)
  • hair stylist Lisa Pickering began her TV career as assistant make-up artist on (part 4 of) Warriors' Gate
Death is Now My Neighbour 
(Published 1996 - UK TX: November 19 1997)
  • Richard Briers (Bream) was the Chief Caretaker in Paradise Towers
  • John Shrapnel (Dr. Storrs) voiced Thomas Cromwell for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, 2016)
  • Susan Engel (Dora) was Cessair in The Stones of Blood
  • Maggie Steed (Angela) voiced Madamme Rana Zandusia for Mission to Magnus (BF, 2009)
  • Colin McCormack (Hargreaves) was the Commander in The Sun Makers
The Wench is Dead 
(Published 1989 - UK TX: November 11 1998)
  • Alan Mason (Greenaway) was Corporal Nutting in The Silurians
  • Sara Carver (Fiona) voiced the Khellian Queen for Three's A Crowd (BF, 2005), Kim Kronotska for Memory Lane (BF, 2006), and Sylvia for The Adventure Games: City of the Daleks
  • Juliet Cowan (Joanna) was Maria Jackson's mum, Chrissie in eleven installments of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Steve Robinson was also an assistant director on The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks
The Remorseful Day 
(Published 1999 - UK TX: November 15 2000)
  • adapted from Dexter's final novel by Stephen Churchett, a former actor on Attack of the Cybermen
  • Paul Freeman (Harrison) voiced Jalnik for The Foe From the Future (BF, 2011)
  • TP McKenna (Phelps) was Captain Cook in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 
  • Colin Spaull (Chas) was Lilt in Revelation of the Daleks, Mr. Crane Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel, and voiced Henrik for Grand Theft Cosmos (BF, 2008)
  • film editor Jamie McCoan edited Blink too

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