Thursday, 27 April 2017

Doctor Who Vs. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Series 1

Over ten years, Granada TV faithfully adapted forty-two of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic crime stories in the form of thirty-six episodes and five feature-length specials. 
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were the first mysteries to feature the Great Detective, and were published in The Strand magazine from 1891, then in book form a year later.
The collection of twelve adventures were dramatised for ITV over two series, followed 
by three other seasons - The Return of 
Sherlock Holmes (also in thirteen parts, 
1986-1988), The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (nine serials, 1991-1993), and 
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (six 
episodes, 1994). 
Jeremy Brett (1933-1995) portrayed 
Holmes for a decade, a role now considered the definitive depiction in any medium, and was joined by David Burke (born 1934) as 
Dr. John Hamish Watson for The Adventures 
only. Edward Hardwicke (1932-2011) then played the doctor in all the remaining cases. Rosalie Williams (1919-2009) was Mrs. [Martha] Hudson.
The first, seven-part season began another repeat run on ITV Encore yesterday,
and featured these twenty-two Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

A Scandal in Bohemia (UK TX: April 24 1984)
  • Michael Carter (Norton) made his TV debut as an uncredited Prisoner and UNIT Soldier in The Mind of Evil
  • Max Faulkner (John) was a UNIT Soldier in The Ambassadors of Death, an Exxilon in (part 1 of) Death to the Daleks, a Miner in The Monster of Peladon (6), the Guard Captain in Planet of the Spiders (4), a Thal Guard in Genesis of the Daleks (3), a Crewmember in Planet of Evil (1), Corporal Adams in The Android Invasion, and Nesbin in The Invasion of Time
The Dancing Men (UK TX: May 1)
  • John Bruce (director here, The Speckled Band, The Red-Headed League and The Second Stain) was a production assistant on The Dominators
  • Tenniel Evans (Cubitt) was Major Daly in Carnival of Monsters
The Naval Treaty (UK TX: May 8)
  • Gareth Thomas (Harrison) voiced Lord Tamworth in Big Finish's Storm Warning (2001), and Kalendorf for Return of the Daleks (2006)
  • Alison Skilbeck (Annie) was the Deputy in Frontios
  • David Rodigan (Forbes) was Broken Tooth in The Mysterious Planet
  • John Taylor (Ferrier) was a Crewmember of The Wheel in Space
The Solitary Cyclist (UK TX: May 15)
  • John Castle (Selby here; St. Clair for The Crucifer of Blood, 1991) voiced Edmund Trevithick for Nightshade (BF, 2016)
The Crooked Man (UK TX: May 22)
  • Norman Jones (Wood) was Khrisong in The Abominable Snowmen, Major Baker in The Silurians, and Hieronymous in The Masque of Mandragora
  • Lisa Daniely (Nancy) was Madeleine Issigri in The Space Pirates
  • Denys Hawthorne (Barclay) was Rudge in Terror of the Vervoids
  • James Wilby (Young Barclay) voiced Tenebris for both The Acheron Pulse and The Shadow Heart (BF, 2012)
The Speckled Band (UK TX: May 29)
  • Rosalyn Landor (Helen) voiced Vanessa Elledge and Ood Vanessa for Jenny: Prisoner of the Ood (BF, 2018)
  • Tim Condren (Thorne) was a Saxon Warrior in The Time Meddler: Checkmate, and a Guerilla in Day of the Daleks
  • production manager Liam Foster began his career in TV as an AFM on Spearhead from Space
The Blue Carbunkle (UK TX: June 5)
  • Amelda Brown (Jennie) voiced Margaret for The Adventure Games: The Gunpowder Plot
  • Brian Miller (Bradstreet) was Dugdale in Snakedance, provided a Dalek Voice for Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks, then later appeared opposite his actress wife, Elizabeth Sladen as Harry in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Mad Woman in the Attic - he also starred in Deep Breath as Barney
  • Don McCorkindale (Windigate) voiced Porthintus for The Wreck of the World (BF, 2017)
  • Frank Mills (Peterson) was the Telescope Director in Terror of the Autons
  • John Cannon (Rough) was Elgin in The Hand of Fear, and had another nine uncredited roles in the classic era (as a Miner in The Monster of Peladon, a Passerby in The Talons of Weng Chiang, a Trog in Underworld, a Technician in The Pirate Planet, a Guard in both The Armageddon Factor and The Creature from the Pit, an Extra in Time Flight, the Helmsman in Enlightenment, and a Servant in The King's Demons
  • Eric Kent (Rough) was an uncredited Technician in The Seeds of Death and a Roundhead in (episode 3 of) The Time Monster

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