Saturday, 1 April 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Cleo

"Infamy, infamy, they've all got it 
in for me!"

The tenth production from the Carry On 
stable was released in late 1964, and is 
now widely considered the best entry in 
the run.
Regular series actors Sid James (1913-
1976), Kenneth Williams (1926-1988), 
Charles Hawtrey (1914-1988), Jim Dale
 (born 1935) all starred here (as Mark 
Anthony, Julius Caesar, Seneca and
Horsa respectively).
Kenneth Connor (1918-1993) had his
final role here until Carry On Up the 
Jungle, whilst Joan Sims (1930-2001)
returned to the series for the first time
 since Carry On Regardless, and would appear in every subsequent release
up to Carry On Emmannuelle, making her the most prolific actress in the
series. The title role was played by Amanda Barrie (born 1935).
Inspired by Fox's Cleopatra, this instalment actually utilised costumes and
sets intended for the lavish Hollywood blockbuster when it relocated from
Pinewood studios to Rome.
Shown again on Film4 today, Carry On Cleo also featured Jon Pertwee
(as the Soothsayer) and fourteen other Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Sims (Calpurnia) was Katryca in The Mysterious Planet
  • Victor Maddern (Sergeant Major here; Passenger in Carry On Regardless; Milchmann in Carry On Spying; Various in Carry On Laughing; Man in Carry On Emmannuelle) was Chief Robson in Fury from the Deep
  • Sheila Hancock (Senna Pod) was Helen A in The Happiness Patrol
  • Francis De Wolff (Agrippa) was Vasor in (episode 4 of) The Keys of Marinus, and Agamemnon in The Myth Makers
  • Peter Gilmore (Galley Master) was Brazen in Frontios
  • Gertan Klauber (Marcus) was the Galley Master in The Romans, and Ola in The Macra Terror
  • Wanda Ventham (Bidder) was Jean Rook in The Faceless Ones, Thea Ransome in Image of the Fendahl, and Faroon in Time and the Rani
  • Walter Henry (Roman here; Deckhand in Carry On Jack; Visitor in Carry On Doctor; Burpa in Up the Khyber; Man in Carry On Camping and Carry On at Your Convenience; Guest in Carry On Matron; Stallholder in Carry On Abroad; Officer in Carry On Emmannuelle) was an Extra in The Myth Makers (2) and The Silurians (6), a Primord in Inferno, and a Brother in The Masque of Mandragora
  • Mark Hardy (Guard) was a Swampie in The Power of Kroll, and the Cyber Lieutenant in EarthshockThe Five Doctors and Silver Nemesis
  • Norman Mitchell (Heckler) was a Policeman in The Daleks' Master Plan (7)
  • Jane Lumb (Vestal virgin) and Virginia Tyler (Maiden) both appeared in Dr. Who and the Daleks as Thals
  • Jill Goldston (Citizen) was an Extra in The Masque of Mandragora (4), and Peasant in State of Decay (1)
  • stuntman Peter Diamond was the fight arranger on eight stories (from The Daleks to The Daemons)

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