Sunday, 16 April 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Doctor & Carry On Again Doctor

The fifteenth production (and the 
second with a medical theme) from the Carry On stable was released in 
1968. Series stalwarts Sid James
 (Charlie Roper), Kenneth Williams 
(Dr. Tinkle), Joan Sims (Chloe),
 Bernard Bresslaw (Ken Biddle), 
Charles Hawtrey (Barron), Jim Dale
(Dr. Kilmore) and Peter Butterworth 
(Smith) were joined here by newcomer Frankie Howerd (1917-
1992). Hattie Jacques (Matron), 
Barbara Windsor (Nurse May) and 
Anita Harris (Nurse Clarke) all 
returned to the series.
The comedy was the third biggest release at the UK box office that year (after The Jungle Book and Barbarella), and a sequel followed a year later. Both films were shown again on ITV3 today, and featured a total of eighteen Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Stephen Garlick (Boy) was Ibbotson in Mawdryn Undead
  • Bart Allison (Grandad here and Carry On Loving) was Maximus Pettulian in (episode 1 of ) The Romans
  • for Walter Henry (Visitor), Peter Gilmore (Henry) and Gertan Klauber (Orderly) see Carry On Cleo
  • Cheryl Molineaux (Nurse) was Miss Rutherford in The Ambassadors of Death
  • for Derek Francis (Burke) see Carry On Abroad
  • for Julian Holloway (Simmons) and Simon Cain (Orderly here; X-Ray Man in the sequel) see Carry On At Your Convenience
  • stuntman Ken Norris was a Morok Guard in The Space Museum
Carry On Again Doctor (the canon's eighteenth title) was released in 1969, and again starred regulars James (as Screwer), Williams (Dr. Carver), Hawtrey (Dr. Stoppidge), Sims (Ellen), Windsor (Goldie), Jacques (Matron) and Butterworth. Patsy Rowlands (1931-2005) debuted here, and featured in eight further titles, whilst Jim Dale (Dr. Nookey) made his final series appearance until Carry On Columbus (1992).
  • William Mervyn (Lord Paragon here; Ponsonby in Follow That Camel; Physician in Carry On Henry) and Lewis Alexander (Partygoer) both appeared in The War Machines, as Sir Charles Summer and Army Officer (3)
  • Donald Bisset (Patient) was Colin McLaren in The Highlanders
  • Heather Emmanuel (Girl) was Tessa in (part 4 of) The Android Invasion
  • for Aileen Lewis (Lady) see Carry On Cruising
  • for Billy Cornelius (Patient) see Carry On Screaming
  • for Hugh Futcher (Cabbie) see Carry On At Your Convenience
  • Elizabeth Knight (Nurse here and Carry On Matron; Jane in Carry On Camping) was considered for the role of Victoria Waterfield

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