Friday, 14 April 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Screaming!

The twelfth production from the Carry On 
stable was released in 1966, and is now 
widely considered one of the best entries
 in the run. The feature was the last to be 
produced by Anglo Amalgamated before
 the franchise moved to the Rank Organisation.
Series stalwarts Kenneth Williams (as Dr. 
Watt), Charles Hawtrey (Dann), Jim Dale 
(Albert Potter), Joan Sims (Emily), Bernard 
Bresslaw (Sockett), and Peter Butterworth
(DC Slobotham) were joined here by Fenella 
Fielding (Valeria).
Sid James was replaced by Steptoe and Son 
actor Harry H Corbett (1925-1982) in the 
lead role of DS Sidney Bung, whilst Angela 
Douglas (Doris) made her second appearance.
Carry On Screaming! (a parody of the 
popular Hammer horror movies) was shown on ITV3 today, and featured 
Jon Pertwee (pictured as Dr. Fettle), and six Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Butterworth (1919-1979) played the Meddling Monk in The Time Meddler and The Daleks' Master Plan
  • Douglas (born 1940) was Doris Lethbridge-Stewart in Battlefield
  • for Bresslaw (1934-1993) see Carry On At Your Convenience
  • for Sims and Norman Mitchell (Cabby) see Carry On Cleo
  • Billy Cornelius (Oddbod Jnr.) was a Man-at-Arms in (episode 4 of) The Crusade, and a Morok Guard in The Space Museum

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