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Doctor Who Vs. Endeavour, Series 1

Produced by Mammoth and Masterpiece, this period 
crime drama serves as a prequel to the long-running 
and influential series, Inspector Morse, which ran from 
1987 to 2000 and earned six BAFTA awards.
Like Morse and it's sequel series, Lewis (2000 to 
present), Endeavour is set in Oxford. Liverpool-born 
actor Shaun Evans now portrays the young Endeavour 
Morse (pictured), who began his career as a Detective Constable with the City Police CID at Cowley in 1965.
Following a successful pilot episode, the first full season 
was originally broadcast in the spring of 2013, and began another repeat run on ITV3 last night. 
The five serials featured Roger Allam (as DI Fred 
Thursday), Anton Lesser (CS Bright), Jack Laskey (DS
Jakes), Sean Rigby (PC Strange)and these twenty-five Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Pilot  (UK TX: January 2 2012)
  • director (here and on HomeColm McCarthy helmed The Bells of Saint John too
  • Ian Gelder (Tremlett) voiced both the Commander and the Pirate for Big Finish's Legend of the Cybermen (2010)
  • Danny Webb (DS Lott) was Mr. Jefferson in The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, then voiced Byron for The Girl Who Never Was (BF, 2007) and Ori in The Dark Husband (BF, 2008)
  • Abigail Thaw (Dorothea Frazil) voiced Dr. Phillippa Stone for The Lady of Mercia, and Zaadur for Lords of the Red Planet (BF, both 2013) 
  • Gavin Struthers was cinematographer on The Power of Three too
  • ADR mixer Nick Roberts was sound recordist on The Time of AngelsFlesh and BloodThe Vampires of VeniceCold Blood and The Lodger
  • SFX supervisor Chris Reynolds was a SFX technician on Terror of the Vervoids and Battlefield
  • stunt co-ordinator Stuart Clark was a stuntman on DalekBad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways
Girl (UK TX: April 14 2013)
  • Edward Bazalgette also directed The Doctor's Meditation, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived 
  • Albert Welling (Clark) was the Fúhrer in Let's Kill Hitler
  • Greg Bennett (Constable) went uncredited as both a UNIT Soldier and Sycorax Warrior in The Christmas Invasion, and a Guest in The Lazarus Experiment
  • former screen writer John Flanagan (Greaves) penned Meglos
  • Stephan Pehrsson was also the cinematographer on ten recent stories (from The Pandorica Opens to The Crimson Horror)
  • Kiaran Murray-Smith was also first assistant director on Amy's Choice and The Lodger
  • Tom Lucy was also the stunt co-ordinator on sixteen adventures (from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor)
Fugue (UK TX: April 21)
  • Lex Shrapnel (Adamson) voiced Marshall for The Companion Chronicles: Shadow of the Past (BF, 2010)
  • Robin Soans (Straker) was Luvic in The Keeper of Traken, and the Chronolock Guy in Face the Raven
  • Michelle Morris (Neighbour) was School Secretary in Into the Dalek
Rocket (UK TX: April 28)
  • Martin Jarvis (Broom) was Hilio in The Web Planet, Butler in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and the Governor in Vengeance on Varos, then voiced Nigel Rochester in Jubilee (BF, 2003)
  • John Pardue was cinematographer on An Adventure in Space and Time too
  • Daniel Bishop (here and Series 3: Ride) was steadicam operator on The Husbands of River Song too
Home (UK TX: May 5)
  • Jamie Glover (Kern) played William Russell (also for BBC Two's anniversary biopic), then voiced Mr. Rees for The Worlds of Doctor Who (BF, 2014) 
  • Lloyd McGuire (Ayres) was Lugo in The Face of Evil
  • Clive Wood (Kasper) was the Roman Commander in The Pandorica Opens, and voiced Rugosa for The Rosemariners (BF, 2012)
  • film editor Mark Davis edited The Bells of Saint John too

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